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East African Breweries Limited ( HY2021 Interim Report

first_imgEast African Breweries Limited ( listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange under the Beverages sector has released it’s 2021 interim results for the half year.For more information about East African Breweries Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the East African Breweries Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: East African Breweries Limited (  2021 interim results for the half year.Company ProfileEast African Breweries Limited produces and distributes a range of beer and spirit brands and non-alcoholic beverages. Popular brands include Tusker Malt Lager, Tusker Lite, Guinness, Pilsner, White Cap Lager, Allsopps Lager, Balozi Lager, Senator Lager, Bell Lager, Serengeti Premium Lager, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Kenya Cane, Chrome Vodka and Ciroc. East African Breweries has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan; and exports alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to Rwanda, Burundi and the Great Lakes region. Subsidiary companies include Kenya Breweries Limited, Uganda Breweries Limited, East African Breweries (Mauritius) Limited, International Distillers Uganda Limited and East African Maltings (Kenya) Limited. Established in 1922, the group has its headquarters in Ruaraka, near the capital of Nairobi. East African Breweries Limited is listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchangelast_img read more

Diary of a new academy recruit in NZ – Part One

first_imgSettling in: Ken Murray (second left) with Tom Harrison, Troy Josephs, Mitch Greenway and Jake GirdlerDAN WARD-SMITH, the former England back-row and Inside Running Academy Manager, tells us how Rugby World competition winner Ken Murray is enjoying his first few weeks in New Zealand…Ken arrived full of enthusiasm and was eager to get to know the other boys. After picking Ken up from the Tauranga bus station I took him straight to his accommodation in a guesthouse where he is staying with six other academy players, two in each room. Ken made a great initial impression by asking lots of insightful questions. He was very grateful for the opportunity to be out here in New Zealand and couldn’t wait to start training. I didn’t feel I had to stick around to help Ken settle in with the other boys; he was straight in and making himself at home.Ken is rooming with Augustin, an outside back who is a member of the Argentina Sevens squad, so there is an opportunity for them both to learn another language and find out more about life in another part of the world. I’m sure that rooming with someone who speaks another language is outside of both players’ comfort zone but that’s how you stretch yourself, through new experiences.There was a lot to get through on Ken’s first day of actual training – a physio assessment, kit and supplement allocation, and a battery of strength, power and conditioning tests. What emerges at the end of the day is a pretty good picture of what type of programme Ken needs to take care of his strength and conditioning needs. After Ken’s tests we decided that while he will be working on all areas in the gym, strength should be his number one concern rather than cardiovascular endurance or power.Ken’s training programme involves one session of whole-body strength, a session of upper-body strength, a hypertrophy session (to build muscle), an explosive power session and a pre-game primer session to get Ken ready for his weekend game. Around these gym sessions Ken has to get in one aerobic endurance session and one anaerobic interval session in each week. These would preferably be done by running or position-specific exercises like wrestling and pushing a prowler, but we can always alter them depending on his workload or injury status. Working hard: lineout practiceKen also receives personalised injury prevention exercises from our physio team to plug into his gym sessions. This gives Ken the tools to get through the heavy workload of training and playing here without breaking down.The next task at hand is the Player Development Plan. This is done to identify how Ken should be spending his time away from the S&C department. We have slots set aside for skill development where each player must be working on developing their position-specific skills. After my initial discussion with Ken we decided that he needed to be working on his ball-carrying, general body height in contact and his work over the ball post-tackle and when in the tackle assist position. We then came up with drills to point Ken in the right direction in terms of the volume needed each week and paired him up with other players who have similar work-ons.The rest of Ken’s week is made up of two skills sessions with ex-All Black Kevin Schuler, two sessions with his club side Tauranga Sports, a game on a Saturday and a recovery session on a Sunday. After all that work is completed there is still a bit of time left for Ken to enjoy the company of his academy team-mates, take in the sights of Mount Maunganui, take a dip in the hot pools or go to the beach. One final note, the other boys welcomed Ken in the traditional Maori way with a haka that was written especially for Inside Running Academy to acknowledge the journey the boys are all on towards becoming better players and people. Watch the video below and stay tuned for more updates from Ken’s time in NZ.center_img LATEST RUGBY WORLD MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DEALSlast_img read more

Cambios en las protestas de Roca Enhiesta expanden el ministerio…

first_img Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Rector Collierville, TN Curate Diocese of Nebraska Individuos obviamente desarmados que se oponen al oleoducto marchan del otro lado de una cerca donde se alinean un destacamento de policías armados cerca del sitio de la construcción. Foto de Rob Wilson vía Facebook[Episcopal News Service] El próximo invierno y las cambiantes actitudes de parte de algunos de los que se oponen al proyecto del Oleoducto para el Acceso a las Dakotas (DAPL por su sigla en inglés), así como de los agentes de la fuerza pública cerca de la reserva de la nación sioux de Roca Enhiesta, están cambiando el ministerio de la Iglesia Episcopal en esa parte de Dakota del Norte.Los episcopales dedicaron parte del 24 de octubre a ir en furgonetas de la Iglesia a varios lugares del estado a recoger a manifestantes que habían sido arrestados durante el fin de semana. Una mudanza proyectada pondrá un campamento de protesta de invierno cerca de una iglesia episcopal, la cual podrá prestarles más servicios a los acampados.Opositores al proyecto del Oleoducto para el Acceso a las Dakotas y agentes de orden público se enfrentan con una cerca de por medio en las inmediaciones de un sitio donde se construye el oleoducto. Foto del Departamento el Alguacil del Condado de Morton vía Facebook.El fin de semana del 22 y 23 de octubre fue candente cerca de la propuesta línea del oleoducto. El Departamento del Alguacil del Condado de Morton dijo el 24 de octubre que 126 personas habían sido arrestadas dos días antes por “actividades de protesta ilícitas” durante un día en que a menudo hubo violentos encuentros con los que protestaban por el oleoducto que pasará por debajo del suministro de agua de los sioux de Roca Enhiesta [Standing Rock], por encima de la tierras que les pertenecen por tratado y a través de algunos de sus sitios de enterramiento. Una persona fue arrestada el 23 de octubre, dijo el departamento, lo cual hacía ascender a 269 el número de arrestados desde que comenzara la protesta el 10 de agosto.Algunos de los que se oponen al oleoducto, que prefieren llamarse a sí mismos “protectores”, parecían “haber subido la apuesta y se habían situado en algunos lugares para bloquear la construcción”, dijo a Episcopal News Servicie, el 24 de octubre, el Rdo. John Floberg, sacerdote supervisor de las iglesias episcopales en el lado de Dakota del Norte de Roca Enhiesta. Las autoridades, añadió, respondieron con lo que él llamó una “fuerza abrumadora”.“Desde mi lado de esto, las autoridades siempre han sido provocadoras y excesivas, y las personas que están llevando a cabo sus actos de protección están siendo empujadas a asumir una postura más firme que sigue siendo no violenta”, dijo Floberg en una entrevista telefónica mientras se dirigía, en una furgoneta de la iglesia, a Fargo, Dakota del Norte, a unas cuatro horas al este de los campamentos, para recoger a algunos de los manifestantes a quienes habían llevado hasta allí para instruirlos de cargos.“Esta bandera ha ondeado tan orgullosamente” en parte porque fue la única bandera de una iglesia cristiana en el campamento del Oleoducto para el Acceso a las Dakotas, en Dakota del Norte, dijo el Rdo. John Floberg a Mark Duffy, archivero canónico de la Iglesia Episcopal, a la derecha, al entregarle la bandera a su cuidado. “Y lamentamos entregarla”, agregó Floberg con la voz quebrada. Foto de Mary Frances Schjonberg/ENS.El viaje de Floberg a Fargo el 24 de octubre fue uno de los dos viajes que la iglesia episcopal en Roca Enhiesta estaba haciendo ese día para llevar a algunos manifestantes de regreso a los campamentos. A las personas arrestadas las llevaron a seis sitios del vasto estado de Dakota del Norte para ser procesadas, explicó Floberg “Y desde luego no les ofrecieron llevarlos de regreso a sus casas”, añadió.El tribunal de Bismarck informó que el departamento del alguacil dijo que cuatro manifestantes le habían sacado el aire a las llantas de un vehículo que se dirigía al sitio de la construcción y que luego se habían amarrado al vehículo. Dos de ellos se ataron a la parte externa del vehículo y uno al volante. Una cuarta persona había metido el brazo a través de un agujero de la portezuela con la mano en un cubo de cemento fraguado. A los cuatro los zafaron del vehículo y luego los arrestaron.El periódico dijo que entre 200 y 300 manifestantes marcharon en las primeras horas de la mañana hasta un sitio de construcción del oleoducto y comenzaron a levantar un nuevo campamento. El terreno es privado y lo vendieron recientemente a la compañía constructora, pero algunos también la reclaman como tierra perteneciente a la nación sioux.“Esto se esta definiendo como un disturbio porque los individuos saben que están incurriendo en una violación delictiva”, dijo el capitán Bryan Niewind, de la Patrulla de Caminos de Dakota del Norte, según el Bismarck Tribune. “Están creándole un caos a las fuerzas del orden. Están creando un ambiente peligroso para nosotros cuando uno tiene a personas que se amarran a un equipo”.Niewind también describió a los manifestantes como verbalmente agresivos.Agentes del orden público, algunos de ellos con trajes antimotines y uno de ellos con un fusil, se muestran a la espera mientras otros cortan la cerca de un rancho para acercarse a los manifestantes. Foto de Rob Wilson vía Facebook.Las fotografías de las acciones del 22 de octubre que aparecieron en el Tribune y en varias páginas de Facebook muestran a agentes de la policía de distintos uniformes con trajes antimotines y blandiendo largos garrotes, fusiles y propulsores de gas pimienta del tamaño de extinguidores de incendios. Puede verse al menos un vehículo que parece un carro blindado. Se uso el gas pimienta porque “queremos usar el menos agresivo de los métodos no letales de que disponemos”, dijo Rob Keller, portavoz del Departamento del Alguacil del Condado de Morton, al periódico.El 23 de octubre, el departamento del alguacil dijo que los manifestantes habían “atacado un helicóptero con un avioncito no tripulado (un drone), que le habían disparado flechas a un helicóptero, abierto un camino ilegal para bloquear la Autopista 1806 y ocupado ilegalmente una propiedad privada mudándose en tiendas y tipis en un sitio de construcción del DAPL”.Floberg dijo que los agentes del orden le dispararon al drone. “Esos son disparos al aire y uno no sabe donde van a ir a dar esas balas”, dijo él. “Esa acción también es provocadora”.Opositores al proyecto del oleoducto, en un esfuerzo por llegar hasta los manifestantes que bloquearon un vehículo en un sitio de construcción, marchan por un camino abierto por la compañía constructora a través de suelo sagrado. Foto de Rob Wilson vía Facebook.Kyle Kirchmeier, alguacil del Condado de Morton, dijo en una conferencia de prensa el 24 de octubre que la presencia de la fuerza pública se incrementará cerca de los campamentos de los manifestantes y cerca de la ruta del oleoducto. Él dijo que personal proveniente de Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota del Sur, Wisconsin y Wyoming respondieron a su petición de ayuda. Agentes de otros condados de Dakota del Norte y de la patrulla de caminos del estado ya están ayudando al Condado de Morton.Las autoridades han cerrado secciones de la Autopista 1806, la principal carretera que corre de norte a sur a través de la reserva. Niewind dijo en la conferencia de prensa que la carretera no era segura debido a la actividad de la protesta.El 22 de octubre, Floberg y sus colegas del Consejo Ejecutivo de la Iglesia Episcopal le pidieron a los funcionarios federales y del estado  que “disminuyeran la provocación militar y policial en los campamentos, y en sus cercanías, de los que protestan pacíficamente [contra] el proyecto del Oleoducto para el Acceso a las Dakotas”La resolución del Consejo se arraiga en el apoyo de la Iglesia Episcopal a la nación sioux de Roca Enhiesta en su lucha contra el oleoducto. Ese apoyo proviene del obispo primado Michael Curry tanto de palabra como en su presencia con los manifestantes, así como de las visitas de Heidi J. Kim, funcionaria del personal de la Iglesia Episcopal para la reconciliación racial; del Rdo. Charles A. Wynder Jr.., funcionario encargado de la justicia y promoción sociales; de la Rda. Heather Melton, funcionaria encargada de la Ofrenda Unida de Gracias (UTO) y de la Junta Directiva de la UTO.Después del violento fin de semana, Floberg comenzó a reclutar al menos a100 personas ordenadas para una “acción unida del clero”, que está programada ahora para el 4 de noviembre al objeto de mostrarle tanto a la tribu como a los agentes de la fuerza pública que el clero está a favor de Roca Enhiesta.“La razón es también para que aquellos comprometidos en la protesta vean que el clero está dando testimonio de una protesta pacífica no violenta”, dijo él.Los participantes del clero serán adiestrados antes de la protesta a “de qué manera llegar hasta la línea y no cruzarla”.“Lo que yo tengo muy claro es que en cada declaración que se haga, no importa que denominación la haya hecho, somos solidarios con el presidente y el consejo tribal de Roca Enhiesta”, resaltó él. “Vamos a seguir su dirección en todo lo que hagamos. No es una declaración de solidaridad con los campamentos. Nunca declaramos eso”.Floberg reconoció que los campamentos han sido criticados por su falta de liderazgo unificado. “Y la gente ha ido más allá de los límites de lo que la tribu sioux de Roca Enhiesta ha dicho que quería hacer y no ha hecho, de manera que estamos intentando reforzar la posición del presidente”, dijo él, refiriéndose a la acción del clero, que la posición de la tribu pide que se proteste contra el oleoducto al tiempo que reconoce que el oleoducto se detendrá a través de procesos en los tribunales y en otras instancias del gobierno.La naturaleza de los campamentos está a punto de cambiar. Floberg le dijo a ENS durante la reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo que el Consejo tribal de los sioux aprobó el 19 de octubre invitar a los acampados en el campamento Oceti Sakowin a venir a lo que ahora se llama Campamento de Invierno, en terrenos de la reserva, a unos tres kilómetros al sur del sitio actual y cerca de la iglesia episcopal de Santiago Apóstol [St. James’] en Cannon Ball, Dakota del Norte. Cuando la tribu le pidió a la comunidad de Cannon Ball que considerara ocupar el campamento, la iglesia auspició la reunión —y suministró la cena— para que los residentes discutieran el asunto.El campamento de Oceti Skowin se extiende a lo largo de la ribera norte del río Cannonball, en la reserva sioux de Roca Enhiesta. Así se ve desde una altura que le llaman Facebook Hill, donde se reúnen los medios de prensa y donde la gente puede cargar sus aparatos electrónicos en un camión con paneles de energía solar y donde uno puede en ocasiones conseguir una señal para el teléfono celular. Foto de Mary Frances Schjonberg/ENS.Uno de los beneficios de la mudanza, dijo Floberg, es que la policía tribal tendrá jurisdicción sobre el área. Se han propuesto alojamientos de adobe y él ofrecerá la miniexcavadora de la iglesia, que se compró a través de una subvención de sostenibilidad del presupuesto de la Iglesia Episcopal, para usarla en la construcción del campamento.El sitio propuesto de 20 hectáreas está cerca de una torre de comunicaciones celulares. Floberg, que ha estado practicando un ministerio de presencia con los manifestantes durante meses, dijo que se espera que el campamento sea capaz de alojar a 500 personas, la mayoría de ellas no residentes de la reserva. Debido a que ese número es mucho menor que los miles que han estado en los otros campamentos, explicó Floberg, a los acampados se les pedirá que roten, de manera que tantas personas como sea posible “puedan venir y unirse en solidaridad”.“Convertiremos nuestro espacio de fines múltiples que es la iglesia en un lugar donde la gente pueda encontrar esparcimiento, donde puedan tener películas”, dijo él refiriéndose a Santiago Apóstol. “Seguiremos respondiendo a las necesidades humanas según se nos presenten y en tanto otras causas no puedan ayudar”.Y, afirmó Floberg, Santiago Apóstol no dudará en tener una fiesta de Navidad, “como nunca la hemos hecho antes”.– La Rda. Mary Frances Schjonberg es redactora y reportera de Episcopal News Service. Traducción de Vicente Echerri. 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Comic Relief raises funds from mobile phone recycling

first_img  27 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Tagged with: Trading Comic Relief has partnered with recycling company Eurosource to generate funds from donated mobile phones and inkjet printer cartridges in a six-week campaign.Eurosource reports that it has already raised almost £1.5 million for major charities through recyling donated items.Different mobiles and cartridges are worth different sums of money depending on factors such as model and age. Eurosource’s Comic Relief website details which mobiles and inkjet cartridges can be recycled, and exactly how much will be given to Comic Relief for each one. Advertisement Mobiles and cartridges must be posted by April 15 to allow time for the donations to be processed and the proceeds to be sent to Comic Relief. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThiscenter_img Comic Relief raises funds from mobile phone recycling Howard Lake | 5 March 2006 | News About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving.last_img read more

RSF calls for release of website founder abducted last month

first_img June 2, 2021 Find out more News RSF_en Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimes Follow the news on China Reporters Without Borders (RSF) fears that the Huang Qi, the founder of the 64 Tianwang news website, has been mistreated since his abduction-style arrest last month and calls for his immediate release. China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures December 22, 2016 – Updated on August 23, 2019 RSF calls for release of website founder abducted last month March 12, 2021 Find out more Organisation April 27, 2021 Find out more Receive email alertscenter_img Aged 53, Huang has not been seen since he was taken from his home in Chengdu, in the western province of Sichuan, during a raid on 28 November involving 15 police officers from Chengdu and the nearby cities of Mianyang and Neijing.According to several sources, he is accused of “divulging state secrets abroad,” a charge that is often used against the government’s critics and can result in long prison sentences.“One of the few major independent news websites in China, 64 Tianwang and its citizen-journalists are still being systematically hounded by the Chinese authorities 12 years after its founder, Huang Qi, was awarded RSF’s Press Freedom Prize in the cyber-dissident category,” RSF editor-in-chief Virginie Dangles said.“Huang’s abduction is part of an ongoing crackdown on human rights defenders in China and fears are growing that the authorities may be mistreating and torturing him. We call for his immediate and unconditional release.”The site’s editor said Huang was taken to the Mian Yang detention centre for a criminal code violation and would probably remain in detention for at least a year pending trial. RSF has been trying in vain to contact Huang Qi’s lawyer. A source close to Huang said his lawyer went to Sichuan on 30 December with the aim of visiting him in prison but the authorities refused permission for the visit.Police detained a contributor to the site, Pu Fei on 28 November after a tweet about Huang’s disappearance that was subsequently deleted. Pu was released on 4 December. Many volunteers at the Tianwang Center for Human Rights have also been arrested and interrogated since Huang’s arrest.Huang’s health is a source of great concern. He suffers from acute nephritis (a kidney condition) and needs daily treatment. Last month, 64 Tianwang was awarded RSF’s 2016 Press Freedom Prize in the media category.China is ranked 176th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2016 World Press Freedom Index, while President Xi Jiping is on RSF’s list of press freedom predators. ChinaAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsOnline freedoms Judicial harassmentImpunityPredatorsImprisonedFreedom of expressionRSF PrizeCitizen-journalistsInternet China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison News News Photo courtesy of an RFA listener Help by sharing this information to go further ChinaAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsOnline freedoms Judicial harassmentImpunityPredatorsImprisonedFreedom of expressionRSF PrizeCitizen-journalistsInternet Newslast_img read more

Another journalist gets a long jail sentence

first_img Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association are appalled that yet another journalist has been given a long jail term. A Rangoon court sentenced video reporter U Zeya on 4 February to five years in prison for two violations of the Unlawful Association Act, one year under the Immigration Act (for crossing the border illegally) and seven years under the Electronics Act – a combined total of 13 years in prison.U Zeya has worked for years for Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), an Oslo-based radio and TV station that is one of the few independent Burmese media. At the time of his arrest in April 2010, he headed a team of video journalists who clandestinely provided DVB with video coverage of events inside Burma. His son, Sithu Zeya, 21, was sentenced last December to eight years in prison on similar charges. Both were arrested for trying to cover the aftermath of deadly bombings in a Rangoon park in April. Following his arrest, Sithu Zeya was placed in solitary confinement in Insein prison and was reportedly tortured. According to DVB, 17 fellow inmates went on hunger strike in protest against his mistreatment.U Zeya’s conviction came just days after Kaung Myat Hlaing, a young blogger also known as Nat Soe, was given a ten-year jail sentence under the Electronics Act.In a report issued last December, Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association jointly urged the international community to seek the release of imprisoned journalists and bloggers, who are favourite targets of the junta, to press for the abolition of the prior censorship system and to increase support for privately-owned Burmese news media and Burmese media based abroad. MyanmarAsia – Pacific News US journalist held in Yangon prison notorious for torture Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar Organisation May 26, 2021 Find out more MyanmarAsia – Pacific Follow the news on Myanmar Receive email alerts RSF_en center_img News RSF asks Germany to let Myanmar journalist Mratt Kyaw Thu apply for asylum to go further News Help by sharing this information February 9, 2011 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Another journalist gets a long jail sentence News May 31, 2021 Find out more May 12, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

SoftServe devient Partenaire Argent dans le cadre du programme Solution Partner d’Atlassian

first_imgLocal NewsBusiness TAGS  Facebook Pinterest Twitter Twitter WhatsApp Facebookcenter_img WhatsApp Pinterest By Digital AIM Web Support – February 8, 2021 SoftServe devient Partenaire Argent dans le cadre du programme Solution Partner d’Atlassian AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–févr. 8, 2021– SoftServe, une autorité numérique de premier plan, et une société de conseil, a rejoint le programme « Solution Partner » d’Atlassian en tant que Partenaire Argent. Le programme Solution Partner d’Atlassian reconnaît les partenaires ayant une expertise dans l’apport de connaissances avancées sur les produits Atlassian, ainsi que dans la configuration des produits, les solutions personnalisées et les services de mise en œuvre. Ce communiqué de presse contient des éléments multimédias. Voir le communiqué complet ici : « En tant que Solution Partner de niveau Argent, nous nous sommes engagés à défendre les outils de développement des produits d’Atlassian qui complètent nos services de conseil, de mise en œuvre et d’intégration de classe mondiale », a déclaré Todd Lenox, vice-président des Alliances et partenariats mondiaux chez SoftServe. « Les organisations doivent plus que jamais être capables de collaborer efficacement à distance. Nous sommes capables de le faire au bénéfice de nos clients, en tirant parti de nos connaissances en développement pour personnaliser les produits d’Atlassian et répondre à leurs besoins spécifiques. » Les Solution Partners de niveau Argent sont des sociétés offrant des conseils spécifiques avec des spécialisations particulières, ou des sociétés démarrant une nouvelle relation avec Atlassian. Ils fournissent des connaissances sur les produits, et peuvent offrir des services administratifs et des services de mise en œuvre. Depuis 2015, SoftServe fournit des services de conseil, de développement et de migration vers le cloud pour une large gamme de produits d’Atlassian, notamment Jira Software, Bitbucket, Confluence, Trello et plus récemment Atlassian Cloud. SoftServe a également remporté récemment le Prix du Partenaire d’Atlassian de l’année 2019 en termes d’intégration SaaS pour sa contribution au développement de nouvelles activités et au leadership éclairé et pour ses produits et services complétant Atlassian. « Nous sommes ravis d’ajouter SoftServe à notre écosystème de partenaires qui soutiennent les clients et élargissent la portée des produits et services d’Atlassian grâce à leurs connaissances et à leurs innovations », a déclaré Martin Musierowicz, responsable des canaux mondiaux chez Atlassian. « En tant que Solution Partner de niveau Argent, SoftServe va collaborer avec Atlassian pour offrir aux clients une valeur allant bien au-delà de l’expertise produit. En tirant parti de son expertise en termes de conseil, de ventes et de services techniques, SoftServe va fournir et mettre en œuvre des solutions clients sur les produits Atlassian et aider les clients à libérer leur potentiel. » Les professionnels du développement de SoftServe guident les clients tout au long du cycle de vie des produits et services, à savoir de l’évaluation au lancement final, et ils possèdent l’expérience et les compétences techniques nécessaires pour intégrer, personnaliser et former les clients à l’utilisation de tous les produits d’Atlassian. Avec plus de 25 années d’expérience en conseil et développement de logiciels, SoftServe combine planification stratégique et expertise technique pour livrer des résultats commerciaux percutants, le tout grâce à une supervision et à une gestion de bout en bout des projets permettant d’assurer le succès à toutes les étapes du cycle de développement. Pour plus d’informations sur le large éventail d’offres de services de SoftServe, veuillez visiter À propos de SoftServe SoftServe est une autorité du numérique qui conseille et fournit à l’avant-garde de la technologie. Nous révélons, transformons, accélérons, et optimisons la façon dont les entreprises et les sociétés de logiciels mènent leurs affaires. Grâce à notre expertise dans les secteurs de la santé, de la vente au détail, de l’énergie, des services financiers, des logiciels, et plus encore, nous mettons en œuvre des solutions de bout en bout pour fournir l’innovation, la qualité, et la vitesse auxquelles s’attendent les utilisateurs de nos clients. SoftServe fournit une innovation ouverte : depuis la génération de nouvelles idées convaincantes, jusqu’au développement et à la mise en œuvre de produits et de services transformationnels. Notre travail et notre expérience client sont bâtis sur le principe d’une expérience empathique et axée sur l’humain, garantissant ainsi la continuité du trajet, du concept au lancement. Nous donnons aux entreprises et aux sociétés de logiciels les moyens de (ré)identifier la différenciation, d’accélérer le développement de solutions, et de rivaliser vigoureusement dans l’économie numérique d’aujourd’hui. Où que vous vous trouviez dans votre parcours. Consultez notre site Web, notre blog, et nos pages LinkedIn, Facebook, et Twitter. Le texte du communiqué issu d’une traduction ne doit d’aucune manière être considéré comme officiel. La seule version du communiqué qui fasse foi est celle du communiqué dans sa langue d’origine. La traduction devra toujours être confrontée au texte source, qui fera jurisprudence. Consultez la version source sur : CONTACT: Paul Jones directeur principal, analyses et relations publiques [email protected] 512-796-7358 KEYWORD: TEXAS UNITED STATES NORTH AMERICA INDUSTRY KEYWORD: SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SOURCE: SoftServe Copyright Business Wire 2021. PUB: 02/08/2021 04:00 PM/DISC: 02/08/2021 04:01 PM Previous articleNovocure Announces Addition to Its Board of DirectorsNext articleEnanta Pharmaceuticals Reports Financial Results for its Fiscal First Quarter Ended December 31, 2020 with Webcast and Conference Call Today at 4:30 p.m. ET Digital AIM Web Supportlast_img read more

Broncho Legacy show is next week

first_img WhatsApp Facebook Odessa High School’s Broncho Legacy member Salma Lujan rehearses for their spring show Friday in the Performing Arts Center. Odessa High School’s Broncho Legacy will hit the stage with its spring show, “The Greatest Show,” at 7:30 p.m. May 10 at the OHS Performing Arts Center. Head Choir Director Ginger Storey said the group includes 16 vocalists. The show’s theme comes from the movie “The Greatest Showman,” about Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. Story said the theme comes from the show’s opening number, which is from the movie. “We just thought that that was a great title and it worked well,” Storey said. “We’ve kind of gone with that theme.” The show also includes music from other shows and skits. OHS faculty member Aaron Cox will be the emcee for the show. She added that everyone has a solo and there is a duet. The students are all “pretty great,” she said. “I love them. They’ve been doing a really good job, working hard and just seeing the progress they’ve made since the beginning of the year has been pretty amazing, so we’re really pleased with them,” Storey said. “And I can tell, they’re getting really excited about the show.” “We’ve got several seniors we’ll be losing at the end of the year. I’m excited that they’re getting to end on such a good note,” she added. Storey said the music is difficult, but the students have handled it well. “We’ve been working on it since January and they’ve already gotten an opportunity to perform some of the music for different gigs and such,” she said. The group performs for a district meeting Monday night and for middle and elementary school students May 9. For Rene Rodriguez, Xan Carrasco, Jealousy Jones and Jeffery Howell, all 18-year-old seniors, this is their last show with Legacy. They have some mixed emotions about that. “It’s just kind of sad that we’ve had this long journey to get here and now it’s coming to an end,” Rodriguez said. “I’m just happy to have been with this group and been a part of legacy and I hope that I leave a mark here,” Jones added. Rodriguez said he thinks they all have that hope. They also hope that everyone who comes into legacy or moves up as upper classmen will make them proud “and continue to do great things.” Other students in the show were Justin Lawhone, Kierra Higgs and Salma Lujan. Broncho Legacy show is next week Twitter Pinterest Facebook Pinterestcenter_img TAGS  By Digital AIM Web Support – February 24, 2021 Twitter Local News WhatsApp Previous articleHIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL: Odessa High sweeps its way past San Angelo CentralNext articlePort Houston Weathers Historic Winter Storm Digital AIM Web Supportlast_img read more

Harte urges HSE to ensure LGH junior doctor crisis is addressed

first_img Twitter WhatsApp RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Google+ Google+ Newsx Adverts Pinterest Facebook Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derry WhatsApp By News Highland – June 24, 2011 center_img Harte urges HSE to ensure LGH junior doctor crisis is addressed The HSE has been called on to do all it can to ensure that Letterkenny General Hospital has its full quota of Junior Doctors.It was reported yesterday that Letterkenny General Hospital’s Emergancy Department will be down seven junior doctors from July 11th.The HSE has already said contingency measures are being put in place to ensure continuity of service.Labour Senator Jimmy Harte has met with Junior Minister Roisin Shorthall n the issue, and says the HSE must ensure that Letterkenny General gets its share of any new Junior Doctors who come to work in Ireland…..[podcast][/podcast] Pinterest Previous articleMinister for Health rules out return of cancer services to Sligo GeneralNext articleO’Neill and Mc Brearty should leave parties in light of Sligo u-turn – Pringle News Highland Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Tuesday May 25th 365 additional cases of Covid-19 in Republic Twitter Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan firelast_img read more

[CA Exams] Alternate Mode Of Exams Must Be Devised For Future: Parents Association Submits Representation To ICAI For Better Conducting Of Exams

first_imgNews Updates[CA Exams] Alternate Mode Of Exams Must Be Devised For Future: Parents Association Submits Representation To ICAI For Better Conducting Of Exams Sanya Talwar2 Aug 2020 10:19 PMShare This – xThe India Wide Parents Association has put forth a representation to the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) in terms of the conduct of CA examinations amid the pandemic situation.Addressed to the President of the ICAI, the representation comes in light of the hearing before Top Court on July 13 [in Anubha Srivastava Sahai V. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India], wherein…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe India Wide Parents Association has put forth a representation to the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) in terms of the conduct of CA examinations amid the pandemic situation.Addressed to the President of the ICAI, the representation comes in light of the hearing before Top Court on July 13 [in Anubha Srivastava Sahai V. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India], wherein the ICAI informed the Supreme Court of its decision not to hold exams for the May 2020 exam cycle that were scheduled to be held in July-August.These representations have been made on behalf of the petitioners in the case before Supreme Court so as to provide for “reliefs in favour of the students impacted by the cancellation decision due to Covid19 pandemic”1) Specifically mention in the mark sheet to be issued after combined November Examinations as to which students appeared in May 2020 cycle and November 2020 cycle;2) Either provisionally allow the IPCC students commence Articleship w.e.f August 2020 or reduce it from 2.5 to 2 years (as the students were suppose to commence their 3 years Articleship from August 2020 after clearing their IPCC examinations in July 2020 which means that the students will be bound to commence it from January 2021 due to cancellation of May attempt);3) Allow students returning back to native places from cities they where were doing their Articleship, to continue doing so through WFH mode;4) CA Final students could not attend their office work due to Postponement of exams from May to July which impacted their time of serving for articleship. It is therefore requested to consider the period of postponement as Period Served under articleship so that they don’t get any extension for the same and can complete their articleship as per agreed deadlines;5) Strict checking should be done so that no article is asked to work more than 7-8 hours in a day so that CA Final students can prepare for their exams even while working with their respective firms;6) Advanced ITT and Orientation should be deferred for students till exams are conducted and they should be allowed to complete them after their CA final exam;7) A separate mechanism that queries of students can be answered should be set up within 48 hours;8) Allow relaxation for students who were suppose to bring scribes for writing examinations and connect students with scribes as difficult to find them in the pandemic situation;9) CA Final students who were suppose to be taking exams in May be provided with requisite degrees;10) Students queries must be responded to through email or social media;11) Many Articles are unable to attend offices physically due to Lockdown extension in Many States. Relief to them can be provided by following two methods -a) Putting up a statement for Compulsory Work from Home permission to the articles.b) Those who are unable to work from home due to unavailability of equipments provided by their current firms, may be allowed to get themselves transferred to their local hometown firms without any restriction by their Principals so that they can continue with their articleship wherever they are situated.Further to this, representation states that “No relief should be left on ‘MUTUAL DISCUSSION’ between Article & His Principal as students rely on The Institute for their reliefs and articleship is a compulsion made by the course. Strict guidelines should be issued to all the firms regarding the specified measures and no article/student should be forced out of his/her will to perform any act”In the backdrop of an uncertainty regarding vaccine to combat Coronavirus as stated by the ICMR & WHO, the letter provides some solutions such as granting provisional degree to CA Final students – “Such students can be provided with Provisional Degree allowing them to take up jobs as Deserving Candidates and the same students can then give their Final attempt in coming 3 years”The option of online exams in November can be devised, the organisation states, thereby allowing students who can avail home based tests to take the same and allot centres for others who can take examination while adopting social distancing norms. “If this option is selected, trial phases could be started from now to check the systems & softwares so that no issue occurs while students appear for their exams” the organisation states.The letter also suggests “taking inspiration from IIT university & CBSE, Final Year students who have already given 4-5 years to this course can be evaluated based on their Intermediate score, Articleship exams, Online interviews, Technical rounds and many other aspects” Lastly, the Association states that Cancellation and/or Postponement has already created immense trauma to May attempt students and they are expecting a solution from The ICAI as early as possible so that they can move ahead in career and support their families and contribute in economic growth of our country.”It is practically difficult to wait till October and then announce the decision of conducting or not conducting exams as Students go through a lot of trauma due to such delays and last moment decisions. The ICAI should be proactive & make a decision now to shift to ALTERNATE mode of Exams or Allow students to continue with their Career by handing them a Degree based on Internal or Provisional assessment”Next Storylast_img read more