10 high quality Links gold exchange standard

2. related industry station, it is best to find counterparts, such as you do the male health, the primary consideration is the male medical station, then choose other types of medical station, this correlation will be very strong, the effect of the chain can be maximized.

to search the title of the article, it is.

4., see the other station included the number and ratio of the number of some article is very much, but included poor, explain each other’s article by gathering or copying weights are high not to go. The article included a higher proportion of each station corresponding the quality is relatively high, otherwise the search engine will not be so loved. Even if you do not have what the chain, if the original is included in the search engine, the number is also very friendly, the quantity stability is also very strong.

8. see

as a webmaster, how to choose the high quality link is a compulsory course, high quality link refers to the PR value high: "update" the authority of the high frequency of "the high correlation". However, one of the ways to get high quality links, Links is the most stable, a form of the effect is good. The novice webmaster in exchange Links, how to identify whether the high quality of the Links, today I come to sum up. read more

The station quickly improve website PR value skills

B, how to ensure the chain widely degree? The site outside the chain is sent to the web site as much as possible, and do not send a chain on a web site, this can also prevent search engines judged as spam chain.



C, why to anchor text links? Is mainly for the search engine is easy to judge the significance of Web links, which is very important for improving the website keywords.

Links exchange Purchase

D, how to ensure the relevance of the chain website? Site outside the chain to do correlation website, it will also enhance the effectiveness of the site outside the chain.

a week exchange 3-4 Links Links, the total number of not more than 35. Links website to the relevant categories of formal website, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the Links. Links frequently check, for the obvious drop right phenomenon shall be promptly replaced on site.

just took over this business station, first is reproduced and a number of pseudo original articles, and then to a fixed time to update the website content. For enterprise stand the weekly update to the best information site for updates every day. Even through reprint articles, updates on the website, but also to ensure that the text in the search engine search record number, the best control in 5 the following article. Based on maintaining the website content updates on every day to increase the chain site. The following will mainly talk about how to increase the site outside the chain and related techniques. read more

Experience to share three tips for new fast included


this is the last week of the station just on the line, the domain name or buy a new, online only four days, was included, as shown in figure

A new site

to think after the new station on the line to be made quickly can maintain stable upward trend, it must be before the line or determine the relevant basic settings included before. According to the strict Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the basic settings should be need to do site on-line before the. Usually new basic settings need to do is mainly in these aspects, determine the META tag, such as title, keywords, description of the three label content determination. To determine the two website templates, as far as possible in the site before online to determine their website template, rather than on the line after the start to use the template selection which set their own site, today for a set of tomorrow for a set, so the new fast was collected only negative effect. Three navigation settings, set the navigation is to let the spider crawling can more quickly after the arrival of the site other pages. Four 404 pages and 301 redirect, 404 pages can effectively guide the spider crawling to invalid page Jump to other pages, and not to let the spider duantoulu. Do 301 redirect to search engine to know which is the domain name of the site, which is a sub domain, the search engine requirements unique home address is very useful. When do these to let the railway station be included in a faster release, fast. read more

Qualified to do not blindly diagnosis website of Shanghai Longfeng carp

to do a qualified Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, personally feel that three aspects need to do the following:

1, starting from the overall site diagnosis problem, not for small problems, but for the optimization of the site as a whole. When friends asked me to help the diagnosis, I will first ask their website problems, only know the website problems, in order to do some targeted diagnosis, such as some of my friends is a diagnostic website included, so our starting point should be considered from three aspects, the first is to look at the structure of the site is to grab the search engine, many websites.

recently read a statement, feel very good: Shanghai dragon diagnosis is not a one to look for the BUG of the website, but the website all day starting from the perspective of optimization, the details of the diagnosis is always solving detail problems, solve the problem of BUG may not affect the site ranking and traffic improvement, for example with some friends very keen on the nofollow tag, by the time of diagnosis will see a label on this website, there seems to be no use of this tag is for Shanghai dragon without further attention, in to the site when the advice in this area will notice requirements specifically, of course the use of the nofollow, can indeed help the website upgrade included and the overall flow. read more

Teaching new site three search engine optimization and website update

basically search engine optimization early every day according to said to do almost the same, then is to adhere to the site updated daily, pre novice website updates is certainly not a problem, because the establishment and promotion with passion, but more to the back not less webmaster have lazy psychology, especially the search engine recently did on your website included in this site, Adsense more frustrating not to update the search engine, in fact in the railway station, there is a period of observation, the general observation period for a month or so long even to three months, so in the meantime we fight is patience and perseverance, as long as you can keep the website updated every day, then wait until the observation period after a love of Shanghai will give you a good ranking, so here warn that novice The stationmaster must have never give up spirit to build the only way you can get the final return.

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yesterday when it comes to the keywords and long tail keywords to set, then we should do the promotion, for the novice you certainly don’t know how to do the search engine optimization, beginners can go to A5, Chinaz, the laggards owners of these large forum to publish your own external links then, write an own website and then experience published in this forum a few words, do not write too much about 500 words, basically half an hour after the release of the search engine will you write original, then you will love the Shanghai spiders along the release of the original crawl to your site to grasp the content of the page, then we have to put their own content to step by step to improve, of course website content to their original, pseudo The original supplement, if not what too many questions about love good luck Shanghai included a few hours can be included in your site’s home page the first step we have taken to. read more

Ren Jiang six basic steps to optimize the website of Shanghai Dragon

2. content level to clear, such as the page in H1, Strong, Alt tag should be reasonable, in order to achieve the best effect of

Optimization of

1. title and meta tags, we must comply with the rules in the premise of Shanghai dragon, all page title and meta tags are optimized. (do not blindly in these tags excessive accumulation of keywords, don’t let the search that you are trying to optimize a word, easy to search punishment)

address: https://adwords. noble baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal

website optimization, we must determine the basis of a number of key words according to their website content and competitors, and then according to some key tools to determine the final keyword, can be said that the keyword selection error, website optimization may be done. We introduce several tools used to determine the key words:

sitemap and submit

Google keyword tool

early in the site, most of the webmaster would be more or less use acquisition software to enrich the content of the website, the website is of course for the rich content the better, but the search engine it may judge you is a garbage station, which is K away, so we think the acquisition should be appropriate, original content of the website love is the search engine website. read more