Ren Jiang six basic steps to optimize the website of Shanghai Dragon

2. content level to clear, such as the page in H1, Strong, Alt tag should be reasonable, in order to achieve the best effect of

Optimization of

1. title and meta tags, we must comply with the rules in the premise of Shanghai dragon, all page title and meta tags are optimized. (do not blindly in these tags excessive accumulation of keywords, don’t let the search that you are trying to optimize a word, easy to search punishment)

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website optimization, we must determine the basis of a number of key words according to their website content and competitors, and then according to some key tools to determine the final keyword, can be said that the keyword selection error, website optimization may be done. We introduce several tools used to determine the key words:

sitemap and submit

Google keyword tool

early in the site, most of the webmaster would be more or less use acquisition software to enrich the content of the website, the website is of course for the rich content the better, but the search engine it may judge you is a garbage station, which is K away, so we think the acquisition should be appropriate, original content of the website love is the search engine website. read more