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Super glue inventor Harry Coover dies aged 94

first_imgSuper glue (cyanoacrylates) is up there with Velcro as materials we have always taken for granted without really acknowledging someone had to be clever enough to invent them in the first place. In the case of super glue that person was Harry W. Coover, and he has just passed away at the ripe old age of 94.His fast-acting and super-strong adhesive was invented in 1942 as a side effect of another project to create transparent plastic gun sights. The sights didn’t work out because the material created stuck everything together, but the adhesive that came out of those experiments was eventually sold as a super glue called Eastman 910.Super glue’s uses are widespread and diverse. While you may use it to fix an object that is broken, be it wood, ceramic, or metal, it was also used to quickly seal wounds on the battlefield, and for allowing new coral to grow underwater due to its ability to resist water. It is used in forensics to get latent fingerprints, can be combined with baking soda to form a lightweight filler, and is a favorite with aircraft modellers. Talk to anyone and I guarantee they will know someone who has stuck their fingers together with the stuff, too.When Coover retired from Eastman Kodak he had 460 patents to his name. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2004, and was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation given to him by President Obama.Although Mr. Coover’s life is now at an end, the adhesive he invented looks set to live on in many forms indefinitely and we should all remember him fondly for creating such a useful glue.Read more at The Original Super Glue Blog, via Time NewsFeedlast_img read more