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Soccer meditates a change

first_imgThe invasion of the summer to finish the leagues creates another focus of conflicts and swampy terrain by not finding precedents. First of all, what happens to the players who end their contract on June 30? FIFA, leagues, federations and footballers unions will have to reach an agreement for an exceptional situation. What about the preseason? If it is played in July, or the competitions are started later (something almost impossible unless all the formats of the soccer competitions are changed due to the collapse of the calendar, which could lead to less television income due to fewer matches) or the preseason is reduced, since the vacations of the players must be respected (In Spain, the collective agreement states that they must have at least 21 consecutive days). This performs a domino effect. What about world tours and summer tournaments like the International Cup? It would be almost unfeasible to do so, which would mean another waste of money for the big clubs.Anything that supposes taking the path proposed by Infantino could lead to a decrease in income due to the drop in matches. Something that leagues and clubs could oppose. But the number of matches and so followed, as the next calendar threatens, could put footballers at risk. They would have a higher risk of injury. The solution to extend templates presents doubts. There are more chips and, therefore, more expenses, which could jeopardize the financial balance of the teams.The soccer industry will have to take steps to find a solution. Which will come after an intense debate on what should be the model and future of this sport. The confrontations along the path to choose have already begun. “Inappropriate statements by Infantino, but he is right, let’s start by eliminating #FIFA dates where there are games without interest, world matches without interest, club world without interest, … it aims to destroy the football that has built history,” says Tebas , president of LaLiga The soccer calendar is facing an unprecedented collapse. The rise of new competitions, the purpose of which is to increase income in this industry, has meant that there are no free dates in the coming years to square all the leagues and tournaments postponed by the advancement of the coronavirus. This situation has led authorized voices such as Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, to open the door the remodeling of football but taking a step back. That is to say, reduce the number of games per season, which could lead to a reduction in audiovisual revenue and what could be against Leagues and clubs.“We need to study the global impact of this crisis. Perhaps we can reform world football by taking a step back. With different formats. Fewer tournaments, but more interesting,” said Infantino in The Gazzetta dello Sport. A totally opposite approach to the one that has been carried out in the last seasons in which more and more competitions come out. An example of them are those disputed in June. In this only two tournaments were traditionally played: the World Cup and the Eurocup. That is, every four years, two were occupied by international commitments and another two for rest. In recent years it has already changed. A third is used for the UEFA Nations League and in which the new FIFA Club World Cup was also due to open. Two new tournaments that are in the air, no date, due to the obligation to postpone to 2021 the Euro Cup and the Copa América that was scheduled for 2020. But not only are these the new formats proposed, the reformulation of the Champions is also being rethought (towards a league of great clubs or because have more matches to increase television rights) and the creation of a new European tournament, the Europa Conference League. More tournaments, new models and, therefore, more money from TVs.This saturation of competitions on the calendar has caused the coronavirus pandemic to put the entire football industry in check and threatens a crisis due to the large losses it can generate if the leagues, the Champions League and the Europa League. This situation has led to speculation that the seasons end with new formats such as playing a playoff for the title or relegation, a Champions League whose qualifiers are still to be played in a single game and with Final Four in the final phase or that are even played in the summer or in the first months of the next season (September and October ) in order to respect the format this year, but change it to a shorter one for the next.last_img read more