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Samsung announces two gold Galaxy S4 models

first_imgThat didn’t take long. Apple is now shipping a gold variant of their iPhone 5S, and Samsung has started promoting two different versions of a gold Galaxy S4 on Twitter.You could probably spend an entire day listening to Android and Apple fans fire back and forth about who copies who when it comes to the smartphone game. The grudge match between these two companies has been nonstop for the last couple of years, extending far beyond the courtroom.Despite Apple’s reliance on Samsung for chips, the two companies just can’t seem to stop stepping on each others toes. The most recent transgression borders on the absurd, as Samsung announces that they are working on gold Galaxy S4s with either a brown or pink face depending on your preference.While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still plastic as opposed to the metallic finish of the iPhone 5S, Apple opted for white in the accent pieces of their gold phone. Rather than follow suit, Samsung’s two models seem to make the entirety of the back and sides of the phone gold with the front face being either a deep chocolate brown or an almost pastel pink. The promotional shots include matching wallpapers that separate the phones from the bright and friendly wallpapers that were front and center with the original launch version of Samsung’s flagship.It’s hard to look at this and see anything other than Samsung reacting to the curious popularity of the gold iPhone 5S. The two companies have borrowed ideas from one another so many times that it’s a little hard to justify pointing a finger in one direction or the other. But this decision seems like an obvious attempt to make sure everyone knows Samsung can make a gold phone, too.last_img read more