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This Weeks Best YouTube Videos Duty Calls The Star Trek Girl Explaining

first_imgWhen I first saw this clip, I thought it was funny, but as soon as I stopped laughing I had to wonder why it had as many views as it did. It’s up to over 500,000 now and still rising, but still, it’s just an adorable red fox standing outside of someone’s window, licking the condensation off of the window and making chirping sounds while he does it. Does that count as “unusual behavior?” You think he might be rabid? Maybe he’s their pet and he just wants to get back inside?  глупая лиса 1994: “Today”: “What is the Internet, Anyway?” This week a video that was originally recorded back in 1994 from The Today Show where the hosts are absolutely stumped as to exactly what The Internet really is and what the little @ symbol really means rocketed to the top of the YouTube charts. As funny as it is watching a young Bryant Gumbel try to figure out how to speak an e-mail address aloud really is, remember the recording is only 17 years old. Look how far we’ve come since then. Also of note this week is a video of a fox licking a window covered in condensate for some unknown reason, a hilarious lampooning of EA’s smash hit video game Call of Duty, and much more. Hit the jump to see the videos. This minute and a half clip surfaced after a couple of blogs picked up on it and a few celebrities tweeted it, laughing at the state of the Internet today compared to the way it was only 17 years ago when this episode of  The Today Show originally aired. The poor crew has such a hard time understanding what the Internet really is that they have to have an off-camera hand shout over to them exactly what it is and how it works. For me though, it’s all fun and games until you realize that they didn’t even have their own e-mail address, and neither did the network. @nbc.ge.com? Seriously? Oh Improv Everywhere, our lives would be so boring without you. At Bryant Park one night, where the ice rink is usually filled with ice skaters out to enjoy the winter air and get a little exercise, one man had a little bit of trouble clearing the ice when it was time for the Zamboni to come out and smooth everything over. While the crowd looks on, he struggles to get to the gate so the crew can get to work. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s more than worth a look from start to finish. The makers of the upcoming first person shooter game Bulletstorm decided to point out exactly how repetitive, formulaic, and all-around silly the first person shooter genre has become thanks to games like EA’s Call of Duty series, and it’s hard to argue: their 5-minute prank demo, called Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm, looks as good as Call of Duty, plays pretty much like Call of Duty, and makes fun of the characteristic ranking system, looting system, and story elements that seem to keep popping up in those kinds of games. Granted, Call of Duty fans will horribly disagree with all of those statements, but you have to admit, the mini-game is pretty funny. Now then, how about a PC demo of Bulletstorm, guys? When are we going to see that? Star Trek Girl – Music Video She’s been around for a little while, but Star Trek Girl’s mad skills have garnered her close to a million views on YouTube and downloadable tracks on iTunes. I’m trying desperately to avoid making the immediate connection between an attractive woman in a Starfleet uniform with all of those views, but there might be something there. Come for the pretty lady, stay for the phat beats, perhaps? Regardless, the Star Trek Girl has mad skills and the song is catchy, so it’s well worth a download if you liked it as much as I did.  Duty Calls Worst Ice Skater Ever?last_img read more