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Cambridge professor hits out at ‘burgers in the bod’

first_imgA prominent Cambridge academic has expressed concern at changes being made to Oxford’s Bodleian Library once plans to merge the History Faculty Library with the Radcliffe Camera go ahead.In a letter to The Times, Gillian R. Evans, Professor Emeritus of Medieval Theology and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge, complained that greater student numbers in the Library will “destroy the old atmosphere” as they “listen to music, text, and chatter uninhibitedly”. She also claimed that students damage precious texts as laxer rules let in “chocolate brownies, hand cream, even burgers and chips”.Professor Evans, who studied at Oxford and now lives in the city, was also alarmed at the speed of the move, protesting, “No consideration has been given to the balance between student and research needs.“I have been watching people from management going around with tape measures just calculating shelf-space. It is disdainful to treat this as an issue about which there is no need to ask readers.”Defending the plans, Oxford Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Walmsley and Bodley’s Librarian Dr Sarah Thomas responded, “We do not allow food and drink anywhere near manuscripts: anyone who somehow managed to sneak a “burger and chips” into the Bodleian would be stopped by staff before they could even remove the wrapper.”However, Professor Evans claimed this was “simply not true”, telling Cherwell, “I am in the reading rooms almost every day, but there are no checks of incoming bags. Only outgoing bags in the Camera, which are not checked in the Bodleian.”An ex-Bodleian librarian commented, “As a librarian, I can assure you that inappropriate library behaviour is actually a constant problem and often feels like a losing battle.”Tiago Viula de Faria, a D.Phil. history candidate at St John’s, said, “Common sense rules simply must be followed — no chatting, no sticky fingers, no roller skating.”last_img read more

Rooney reckons he picked ‘right time’ to leave Man Utd

first_imgLondon, United Kingdom | AFP | Wayne Rooney believes he left Manchester United at the right time, even though he wanted to finish his career at Old Trafford.The 33-year-old, who is set to make his final England appearance against the United States in a friendly international at Wembley on Thursday, is now playing for North American club side DC United in Major League Soccer.But there is no denying his place in United’s history books, with Rooney the club’s leading goalscorer in a career that also saw him win five Premier League titles, the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and three League Cups with the Red Devils.In total, Rooney made 559 appearances for United from 2004-2017 after joining from boyhood club Everton.But he started a mere seven of the final 19 Premier League appearances of his United career, with Rooney no longer a first-choice player under manager Jose Mourinho.Rooney returned to Everton before leaving English club football completely when he joined DC United earlier this year.“Of course you miss it,” he told MUTV, United’s in-house television station, of his time at Old Trafford. “It was the highlight of my career, playing for Man United and I was there for so long. But it was the right time.“I wasn’t playing, first of all. I have always been a player who wants to play,” he added. “Obviously I spoke to the manager (Mourinho) and it didn’t look like I was going to play, so it was the right decision and the right time for me to go.“Obviously, you wish, the ideal situation was staying there and finishing your career there, but football changes. Different things happen and things happen for a reason.”Rooney was denied the kind of United farewell he is set to enjoy with England as his last appearance for the club was as a substitute against Dutch side Ajax in a Europa League victory,“It would have been nice to have done it at Old Trafford,” he said. “But I have been back there a few times and I will be back over the Christmas period, at a game to watch them.“I left with great memories. I had a new opportunity to go and play in the States. I had a great time at United, though, and again I am looking forward to going back and seeing a few of my team-mates, and a few friends from the staff who I have made along the way.“The fans have been brilliant to me and it will be nice to see a few familiar faces when I go to a game over Christmas,” Rooney added.Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Trump admin says nearly 1M illegal border crossing arrests

first_imgAccording to Trump administration data released Tuesday, nearly one million people were taken into custody over the past 12 months for trying to cross illegally.The number of arrests at the border is the highest in the U.S. in the past twelve years.Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said that more than 52,000 migrants were taken into custody in September at U.S. ports of entry and between them.It was a decline of 18 percent from August.Furthermore, he said it was a decline of 18 percent from August.Overall, U.S. border authorities made more than 975,000 arrests during 2019, according to the Trump administration’s latest data.“These are numbers no immigration system in the world is designed to handle,” Morgan said.Arrests by U.S. border agents reached an all-time high of 1.6 million in 2000, but the Department of Homeland Security officials insist that the migration wave they faced this year is unlike anything in the past.last_img

Palm Beach School Board Reviews Reopening Options for 2020-21 Year

first_imgThe Palm Beach County School Board reviewed several options on Wednesday for reopening schools for the upcoming academic year.The school district’s Reopening Task Force presented school board members with a 32-page presentation that considers the challenges and opportunities of each reopening option.At this time, officials are considering three educational options for students: full-time in-person instruction on campus, full-time distance learning, or a hybrid combination of the two.Based on recent parent surveys and feedback, the district said more than one option may be necessary.“I wrestle with the reality of knowing the decisions we make will impact our most fragile children,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donald Fennoy at Wednesday’s school board meeting. Students in Palm Beach County are currently scheduled to begin the new school year on Monday, Aug. 10.Wednesday’s discussion comes two days after the Florida Department of Education issued an order requiring public school districts around the state to open their campuses five days a week.According to Dr. Fennoy, the School District of Palm Beach County has some flexibility with that mandate, as the district considers taking recommendations and advice from health leaders.The school board is expected to make a final decision on its reopening plan at its July 15 meeting.last_img read more

First transgender MMA fighter goes public

first_imgFALLON FOXby Michael Martinez(CNN) — Born a man, Fallon Fox became a woman through surgery and then trained to fight in mixed martial arts.Now that she has won her first two bouts — both in the first round — she has gone public as a transgender fighter, the first on record in a popular sport that some consider as the successor to boxing.“The reaction has been positive,” said Fox, 37, who revealed her story recently to Sports Illustrated after a journalist with another publication began to investigate her private surgery. “It’s just some people, some of society doesn’t get it yet. And this is what we’re trying to do now is to inform people and let them know about transgender athletes.”When asked if it’s fair for a man-turned-woman fighter to face another woman in the ring, Fox said there was “no unfair competitive advantages.”What was unfair, her last opponent and her manager say, is how Fox didn’t disclose until after the fight that Fox had a sex change operation.That opponent, Ericka Newsome, was knocked out this month with “a tie clinch,” or a knee to the chin, 39 seconds into the fight without anyone knowing of Fox’s background.It was “unfair I didn’t know it, but it didn’t matter that she fought me,” Newsome told CNN. “I feel that it should have been disclosed to me ahead of time…so we are aware and able to be better prepared for the situation.”She and her manager are going to appeal the loss in Florida on the grounds of how Fox failed to disclose being a transgender person and how the referee stopped the fight too early.“They should have let the fight go,” manager Matt Hamilton said. “She should have thrown at least one to two more shots to confirm it. On that particular basis, that’s one of the things we’ll appeal with, as well as not having it disclosed.”Meanwhile, the California State Athletic Commission is reviewing a claim by Fox that the state gave her a fighting license in 2013 when in fact the commission says her license application is still being reviewed, Sports Illustrated reported.Fox subsequently told Florida authorities that she had a California license, and now the Florida boxing commission is also reviewing Fox’s license application, the magazine reported. Also, Fox admitted she didn’t disclose to boxing authorities she is a transgender person but added she wasn’t asked to either, the magazine said.Sports Illustrated writer Loretta Hunt wrote of Fox’s 2006 gender reassignment surgery and winning her pro debut in May 2012. Hunt told CNN that guidelines for the Association of Boxing Commissions are similar to the International Olympic Committee’s policy that allows transsexuals to compete in Olympic games. The IOC requires transgender athletes to undergo hormone therapy long enough to remove gender-related advantages.In fact, Hunt said, mixed martial arts guidelines don’t require a sex-change surgery, but they do require two years of hormone therapy for transgender fighters.“Whether it comes after the surgery or it’s just on its own, that must be done and you must be tested throughout the two years,” Hunt said. “Those papers must be submitted to the athletic commission for review.”Newsome wants to fight Fox again, Hamilton said.“We would love a rematch,” Hamilton said.last_img read more

When Marketing To Women Becomes Pandering: The Floral Kiss

first_imgThere are many examples where gender-specific marketing works: personal care, dietary supplements, alcohol. Then there are the examples that are just silly. Last week two pink “female friendly” items were introduced — a laptop and an auto — both trying to get a piece of the female market in a way that’s probably unnecessary. Both are from Japan and only available there for now. Tickled Pink The Fujitsu Floral Kiss is a laptop that’s been “elegantly designed” with a woman in mind. Let’s bypass the cringe-worthy name and just get into what makes the computer so lady friendly.  According to the press release, its smoothed, gold-trimmed top casing features a “flip latch that can easily open the display –even by users with long fingernails.” It comes in three colors — pink, white, if you’re feeling tomboyish, “luxury brown.” To finish off the exterior design, a pearlized power button, diamond cut stone keys and zirconia adornments are also included. An equally delicate mouse is available, no bigger than the palm of your tiny lady hand. Programs in the Floral Kiss include a scrapbooking app, a personalized diary that organizes Facebook and Twitter posts and photos in chronological order, and a daily horoscope.  Generations after the Dodge La Femme, Honda sees a profit in building for the fairer driver. The Fit She’s means well. It does more than throw on a coat of pastel paint and rosebuds. Though one of its women-folk features presumably would benefit everyone: a windshield that filters 99% of ultraviolet rays. The same can’t be said for the “Plasmacluster,” a gizmo that pumps wrinkle-fighting ionized air through its pink chrome-lined vents. Want to guess what colors the She’s comes in? Pink, white and brown. Honda says those shades complement eyeshadow. Wonder if it will ever come in smokey-eye? It’s important to emphasize that these are real products. The Floral Kiss comes with Windows 8 and houses a third-generation i5 core processor, comparable to most laptops on the market. The She’s will share the Honda Fit’s small and fast body style, gas-sipping mileage and well-equipped interior. Pink Computer, Meet Glass CeilingIt’s not so weird to see a woman using something intended for a guy. We do it all of the time with their razors and tools, but seeing a guy driving around in a pink car or carrying a bedazzled computer would raise eyebrows. This creates a dilemma for women because these devices are supposed to be tailored to our likes (albeit stereotypical ones), but they can be the very things that keep us from being taken seriously. You’re not going to see Melissa Mayer carrying a Floral Kiss into her next meeting, same goes for just about any of the handful of women execs in the tech industry, or any industry. First Do No Harm, Then Sell Stuff…The teams that create these products aren’t looking to put women into a pink box; they’re looking to make a buck. That’s fine, there’s no finger-waving here when it comes to that. What’s being questioned here is the need for that kind of marketing for something that’s supposed to be accessible no matter who you are or what your gender. If you’re serious about the devices you use and the investment you make in them, you’re not going to research one and think, “Is this appropriate for my gender?”  You’re going to be looking for what works for you as a person living their everyday life. Memory, processor speeds, weight, miles to the gallon and anything else that resembles the bang-for-your buck, these are the features that matter. Not skin-refreshing air conditioning and manicure-proof latches.  IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img christina ortiz Related Posts Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

Gradient Maps and Blend Modes in After Effects

first_imgColor Dodge Blend Mode Gradient Maps in After EffectsTechnically, gradient map layers don’t exist in After Effects. However, you can mimic the effect with the tinting effects: Tint, Tritone, CC Toner, and Colorama. A gradient map recolors an image by using the gradient you set to replace the grayscale gradient in a black and white image. So, using a gradient like this:Results in this:Now that we can mimic the effect of a gradient map, put these effects on an adjustment layers and you get the ability to apply blend modes, just like in Photoshop!We’ll start out by using the gradient  above again and applying it to an adjustment layer. You can get a ton of different looks by changing the blend modes; some work better or more often with others depending on the colors you choose. This first gradient map has a lot of options that actually look pretty interesting:(Click images for larger view) Overlay w/ Adjustment at 50% Darken Blend ModeMultiply Blend Mode Here’s another gradient:This particular combination of colors really only had good results with two of the After Effects blend modes: Screen Blend Mode Add Blend ModeLighten Blend Modecenter_img Soft Light Blend Mode Overlay Blend Mode Combining gradient mapping and blend modes can be used to create fun, unique looks in After Effects.In this post, we share a quick way to give your footage unique color grades in Adobe After Effects.One of my favorite ways to add fun looks to photos in Photoshop is to combine gradient maps with blend modes:This particular gradient map combination is a favorite of mine that works well on a lot of images (especially outdoor):As you’ll see below, I added a gradient map to the image and changed the blend mode to “Screen”: Screen Blend ModeSoft Light Blend Mode Here’s another gradient combination:LightenAnd another:Soft LightNow here’s one that uses the tritone filter to add a third color to the mix:OverlayWith the CC Toner effect, you can fine tune your results even more, leaving the highlights and shadows alone to preserve good black and white points, but still adding a tint in those areas:Screen:Using a sepia color scheme gives some good results:Screen:Overlay:You can even recreate the popular “Blockbuster” look:Overlay:Soft Light:Gradients with Colorama in After EffectsFor ultimate control of the gradient, Colorama is the way to go. It’s a little unweildly to use since its gradient tool is radial instead of linear, but you can really fine tune the results or use multiple colors:Soft Light:Color dodge (with the base image adjusted for exposure to compensate):The color dodge effect made the shot too bright, so I dropped a levels filter on the original image to bring down the exposure:Experiment with exposure and contrast adjustments on the original image underneath the adjustment layer, as well as with different opacities on the adjustment layer to really get it looking the way you want it. After Effects does a great job of live-updating the look as you change your colors, so you can even pick a bland mode and fine-tune your colors live for the desired result!last_img read more


first_imgOur Touch players of the future will be on show at the QSST All Schools titles from the 7th to 9th of October. With a massive 198 teams contesting the championship, around 2700 players will descend upon Whites Hill Touch complex in Brisbane, to compete for titles in five divisions. The weekend is sure to be packed full of exciting Touch as the state’s best young players battle it out for supremacy. The Open Girls title will be hotly contested with more entries than any other division. Within this competition, teams to watch closely will be Gold Coast Champs, Benowa, Rochedale, Kirwan and Marymount College. In the Open Boys division, competition favourites, Glenala from Brisbane will be challenged fiercely for the title by The Southport School, Palm Beach Currumbin and St Laurence’s College, all aiming to take home the silverware. Other divisions over the weekend are 15 years Boys and Girls, and 13 years Mixed. Queensland School Touch legend and TFA Hall of Fame member, Peter Bell is excited about the tournament and what it means for Touch in Queensland. “The large number of teams is great to see and an indication that the future of Touch Football in Queensland is in capable hands.” Due to the large number of teams, competition will commence on the Friday for the first time. Games will get underway at about 10.30am on Friday morning. Finals day will run from 8am to 3pm so make sure you get down to the Whites Hill Touch complex to check out the players of the future. By Lisa Plummerlast_img read more