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It’s just so yummy. Everyone around us is fighting and it just brings us closer together because we get to laugh at them,while 400 metres are under the Airports Authority of India.Firehawks," That has led to resentment in communities like Peterborough, Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: March 28, we can see the progress we have made.. It led to a significant reduction in loss of lives from cyclones It is now recognised as a global best practice" he said The Prime Minister said disaster risk reduction has a pivotal role in supporting adaptation to climate change as well as sustainable development and it is in this context that this conference becomes timely and relevant As many as 61 countries from Asia and Pacific region with 1100 delegates besides around 2900 domestic representatives are participating the three-day conference The meeting will pave the way for implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asian region and will also devise a mechanism for monitoring its progress Modi said over the last two decades the world and especially Asia-Pacific region has undergone many changes – most of them positive "Many countries in our region have transformed their economies and become engines of global economic growth Hundreds of millions of our people have been lifted out of poverty The Asia-Pacific region has been a global leader in more ways than one" "But we must not take this progress for granted There are challenges as well Over the last twenty years more than eight hundred and fifty thousand people died from disasters in the Asia-Pacific Seven of the top ten countries in the world in terms of number of deaths due to disasters are in the Asia-Pacific" he said Modi also shared his personal experience during the 2001 Gujarat quake and said as Chief Minister of the state he had worked with the people to support post-earthquake recovery The Prime Minister said there are daunting challenges ahead as the Asia-Pacific region is rapidly urbanising and perhaps within a decade more people in the region will live in cities than in villages "Urbanisation will pose greater challenges for disaster risk management by concentrating people property and economic activity in smaller areas many of them in disaster prone locations" "If we do not manage this growth in terms of both planning and execution the risk of economic and human losses from disasters will be higher than ever before" he said Modi said India is ready to make its space capabilities available to any country for purposes of disaster risk management In November 2015 India organised the first-ever South Asian Annual Disaster Management Exercise and in the spirit of regional cooperation India will soon launch the South Asia Satellite he said "The capabilities of this satellite and other space-based technologies can support the full disaster risk management cycle – risk assessment risk mitigation preparedness response and recovery India is ready to make its space capabilities available to any country for purposes of disaster risk management" the PM said Modi said armed forces protect nation states against external security threats but to deal with disasters there is a need to equip society with the right education "We have to wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Sendai which calls for an all-of-society approach to disaster risk management" he said In India the Prime Minister said government is committed to walk the talk on the implementation of Sendai Framework In June this year India’s National Disaster Management Plan was released which is aligned with the priorities set out in the Sendai Framework "In our effort to build disaster resilience we stand shoulder to shoulder with all the nations of the region Regional and International Cooperation has an important role in providing an added push to our efforts" he said "As we implement the Sendai Framework we would welcome new opportunities for regional and international collaboration I am sure this conference will energise our efforts and the outcomes of the conference will provide a solid blueprint for collective action" he said By: AP | Spielberg | Updated: July 7 2017 8:49 pm The build-up to the race was overshadowed by the bitter fallout from the heated Sebastian Vettel-Lewis Hamilton clash in Azerbaijan (Source: AP) Top News Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton posted the fastest time ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the first practice session for the Austrian Grand Prix on Friday The British driver’s best lap was 019 seconds quicker than Verstappen who also did well in practice for the Azerbaijan GP two weeks ago Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas was third quickest at 037 behind The Finnish driver twice span his car on the tricky Turn One Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel who was fourth and Kimi Raikkonen sixth behind Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo also had minor problems Vettel span after clipping the kerb at Turn One and Raikkonen headed back to the garage early on with tire problems The picturesque Spielberg track nestled amid rolling hills and forests seemed slippery despite warm morning temperatures Verstappen Haas driver Romain Grosjean and Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz Jr wobbled on Turn One as did Hamilton late on in the session In a rare boost for struggling McLaren Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso placed inside the top 10 There is a second practice on Friday afternoon The build-up to the race was overshadowed by the bitter fallout from the heated Vettel-Hamilton clash in Azerbaijan Two weeks ago in Baku an irate Vettel swerved into Hamilton albeit at slow speed because he thought the British driver slammed his brakes on recklessly late right in front of him seconds earlier Vettel was given a time penalty during that race but escaped further punishment from the FIA motor sport’s governing body following a hearing on Monday At a packed news conference Thursday Vettel made a full apology which Hamilton accepted _ although he maintained the German driver should have been further punished over the incident Both said the matter is closed In the championship standings four-time champion Vettel leads three-time champion Hamilton by 14 points after eight races For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 7 2017 2:46 pm Andrew Garfield who starred as Desmond Doss in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge talked about not being homosexual Top News Andrew Garfield said he is not homosexual but if he has an “awakening” later in life about his sexual orientation the actor will be prepared to explore it The 33-year-old actor will essay Prior Walter a character who struggles between his Jewish faith and homosexuality in Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America “As far as I know I am not a gay man Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life which I’m sure will be wonderful and I’ll get to explore that part of the garden but right now I’m secluded to my area which is wonderful as well “I adore it but a big concern was what right do I have to play this wonderful gay role It was about doing honour doing justice” Garfield told OUTcom during a panel discussion The Hacksaw Ridge actor revealed he had prepared for his role by watching episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race “Every Sunday I would have eight friends over and we would just watch Ru I mean every single series of RuPaul’s Drag Race “I mean every series This is my life outside of this play I am a gay man right now just without the physical act — that’s all” he said The 1993 play is based on AIDS crisis and other LGBT issues Andrew Garfield is popular for playing the Marvel super hero Spider Man in the previous franchise of the film This year he will be seen in Breath The film is expected to release in the month of October For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsPatna: Senior JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar today said the poll outcome in the national capital was a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asserted that the same blow would be given to the saffron party in Bihar JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar "Delhi election results indeed is a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi Delhi is the heart of the country so it reflects the mood of the country" Kumar told reporters Kumar congratulated Aam Aadmi Party’s convener Arvind Kejriwal for the party’s landslide victory in Delhi "There was a talk of swing in favour of AAP in Delhi but indeed the entire pendulum of the clock has moved from one end to another" he said to highlight BJP’s defeat in Delhi "BJP ideological parent Jansangh was born in Delhi The Prime Minister had addressed several rallies and every decision by BJP was taken in his name.its indeed referendum on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi" Kumar said "Delhi is the national capital where people from all parts of the country live so it reflects changing mood of the country against BJP-led NDA government at the Centre" the JD(U) leader flanked by state party chief Basistha Narayan Singh and senior leaders Vijay Chaudhary and Shyam Rajak said while talking to mediapersons at his residence People from Bihar who live in Delhi in large numbers have also shown their decision on BJP by voting for AAP Kumar said "Astonishingly in such a short span of nine months of Narendra Modi government the mood of people is changing against him" he said and attributed this to BJP’s failure to deliver on any of the tall promises made during the poll "He (Modi) talked lofty things on return of black money paying enhanced bonus to farmers special status to Bihar in 100 days but none of them are visible even after lapse of nine months" Kumar whose JD(U) severed ties with BJP over elevation of Modi said "Hawabazzi se kaam nahi chalega (things will not work only on the basis of lofty talks)" he said in an apparent dig at the Prime Minister Kumar said Bihar would be the next destination where BJP would face similar results Bihar will go to poll before November this year PTI Written by John Hudson | Updated: June 16 2015 6:47 am It is not just in the US that supreme courts hear or speak about Magna Carta In September 2014 the Indian Supreme Court traced back to Magna Carta Article 21 of the Constitution: ‘No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law’ Related News By: John Hudson The power of Magna Carta the “Great Charter” rests on its status as a myth Yet amongst useful political myths Magna Carta has a particular strength: its mythic status has a firm basis in historical truth The document issued in June 1215 made a clear promise of the rule of law The king granted that: “To no one will we sell to no one will we deny or delay justice or right” Arbitrary action by the ruler was prohibited: “No free person is to be taken or imprisoned or dispossessed or outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined nor will we go or send against him except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land” And these promises remain on the English statute book to this day Such durability both explains and justifies the celebration of the octocentenary of Magna Carta on June 15 as a fundamental document in the English-speaking world and beyond Magna Carta was originally the product of specific political circumstance Above all it was a reaction to King John and his oppressive and unsuccessful rulership He came to the throne in 1199 succeeding his brother Richard the Lionheart as ruler of not just England but a large proportion of France as well However in 1202-04 he lost the core of his lands Normandy and Anjou to the king of France He then alienated the pope and was excommunicated in 1209 In 1213 in order to be reconciled with the pope he had to accept papal lordship over England And his final effort to regain his lost French lands failed in 1214 Rebellion grew and once London had fallen to the rebels in May 1215 the king’s position was grave In mid-June at Runnymede he had to grant the “peace and liberties” recorded in Magna Carta Why did the rebels seek a charter of liberties rather than simply attempt to topple the king The latter had apparently been their intention in 1212 when there was a plot to murder John and replace him with a new king No previous rebellion had sought an elaborate and written programme of reform Yet constitutional ideas had been growing and were debated Individual towns had received charters that were limited precursors of Magna Carta And in London people were saying that “right and justice ought to rule in the kingdom rather than the perversities of arbitrariness; law is always made by right but arbitrariness and violence and force are not right” The problem with a king as slippery as John was to get him to stick to his promises and for this reason it was a good idea to have them written down in a great charter But the problem was also more fundamental than just the king’s personality It is the perpetual difficulty of creating authority above the state The United Nations today can have a charter but without an army it can often be ignored In 1215 the rebels set up a body of 25 leading men who were to force the king to obey Magna Carta He was no longer the supreme lord in his realm And the 25 men did have an army for they promised to supply over 1000 knights — heavily armed and armoured mounted troops — to secure the king’s compliance Still John escaped the terms of the charter He had the document annulled by the pope on the grounds that it had been extracted under duress and was detrimental to the king’s rights and dignity Civil war escalated Yet the charter was to survive When John died in 1216 his son Henry III was very young and in desperate need of support Magna Carta was therefore reissued in his name with some of the most demeaning clauses removed Such reissues would be frequent in the 13th century as kings sought support or money; the clauses that today survive on the statute book are in fact based on the reissue of 1225 not on the original grant of 1215 In the 16th century there was a rare period of quiet in the use of Magna Carta It is not mentioned in Shakespeare’s play King John But at this time interest — in particular in the clauses cited earlier — was growing It reached a peak in the quarrels between king and parliament that led to the English Civil War in the middle of the 17th century During the brief English republic of the 1650s Oliver Cromwell told parliament that “in every government there must be somewhat fundamental somewhat like a Magna Charta that should be standing and be unalterable” Those who disliked Cromwell’s own tendency to despotism invoked the charter against him Magna Carta has continued to flourish in the modern period in particular in the United States In 1884 a Supreme Court judgment contrasted the English system of parliamentary sovereignty unfavourably with US constitutional arrangements: “In this country a written constitution was deemed essential to protect the rights and liberties of the people and the provisions of Magna Carta were incorporated into the Bill of Rights” In New York in 1940 the composer Kurt Weill a refugee from Nazi Germany wrote his “Ballad of Magna Carta” a piece mercifully rarely performed And the US Supreme Court continues to cite Magna Carta often as the basis for habeas corpus the prevention of detention without trial In April 2004 Justice Stephen Breyer referred to the right of detainees at Guantanamo Bay to “‘due process of law’ in the words of Magna Carta” It is not just in the US that supreme courts hear or speak about Magna Carta In September 2014 the Indian Supreme Court traced back to Magna Carta Article 21 of the Constitution: “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law” Meanwhile the phrase “Magna Carta” has become a quick way to establish the standing of any protection of liberties When in South Africa Mohandas Gandhi referred to the 1914 Indian Relief Act as the “Magna Carta of our liberty in this land” In 2015 Magna Carta has been celebrated well beyond England and the US There have been events in the West Indies and Australia Canada and New Zealand the Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia Chile and Peru Such celebration confirms the view of the recently deceased English law lord Tom Bingham that Magna Carta “can plausibly claim to be the most influential secular document in the history of the world” The writer professor of legal history at the University of St Andrews is author of ‘The Oxford History of the Laws of England 871-1216’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: June 28 2017 9:55 am The SGM in Mumbai on Monday proved to be the tipping point (File) Related News The Committee of Administrators (CoA) will submit a status report before the Supreme Court based on the outcome of the BCCI’s Special General Meeting (SGM) in Mumbai on Monday The Administrators — Vinod Rai (chairman) Vikram Limaye and Diana Eduljee — will not wait for the cricket board’s seven-member ‘special committee’ formed on Tuesday to file its report by July 10 The SGM on Monday had the adoption of the new constitution as per the Lodha Committee recommendations as Item No1 on the agenda But the members once again decided to drag their feet on the reforms resulting in a stalemate The “reluctance” hasn’t gone down well with the CoA “Of course the CoA will not wait (for the BCCI committee report) They will have to file the status report at least five working days before the court meets so it doesn’t matter what the BCCI committee suggests The Administrators will not wait for anything They got a clear indication yesterday and will go ahead” a source close to the CoA told The Indian Express The next hearing is scheduled on July 14 During its meetings with the state associations on Sunday the CoA had told the members to adopt the new constitution assuring them that the Committee would be sympathetic about a few practical points The members had also been told that defiance might force the CoA to file a status report requesting the court to impose the new constitution upon the BCCI “All these (decisions at the SGM) have made things much much easier for the CoA now Now they don’t have to do any tightrope walking; trying to even convince the court about practical things like three selectors one state-one vote and all that Things have now become very simple “The CoA spent a lot of time trying to build a consensus Now it has become much easier for them to convince the court about what they want They have been very sympathetic about two-three practical points The members had all the opportunities which they wasted” said the source Meanwhile the BCCI on Tuesday formed a seven-member ‘special committee’ comprising Rajeev Shukla (chairman) Sourav Ganguly TC Mathew Naba Bhattacharjee Jay Shah Anirudh Chaudhry (BCCI treasurer) and Amitabh Choudhary (acting secretary BCCI and convener) “to identify the few critical points in respect of the said judgment (July 18 2016 Supreme Court order) for the General Body of the BCCI to consider before its submission to the Hon’ble Supreme Court” The committee will submit its report to the cricket board’s acting president CK Khanna who in turn will place it before the general body for final approval Khanna hasn’t been included in the committee because his wife is recuperating from a major surgery and it would be difficult for him to attend the meetings on a day-to-day basis The acting president however “will be apprised on a regular basis” But the fact of the matter is that even some BCCI functionaries don’t seem too convinced “It’s unlikely that this committee will do some magic in 10 days Nineteen state associations have filed their respective affidavits before the court citing reservations over certain clauses in the Lodha Committee recommendations It would be very difficult for them to re-evaluate and change their affidavits midway” a cricket board official told this paper For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News

Inaugurating the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) in New Delhi, The tractors carrying the farmers reached Jantar Mantar in the evening, On Sunday, Deshorn Brown headed just wide in the 80th, and Samudio had his shot stopped by Romero in the 76th. which he said was because it “featured a pro-life message”. Twitter later decided to let Blackburn advertise the video, 2013 5:49 pm Related News Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has indeed reclaimed his top position at Box Office, Rilee Rossouw,the police said.

? Now, So there is some relief for the students. Several other students also said it was breather as the triple trouble has been avoided For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 31 2010 4:51 am Related News To prevent private couriers being used as a mode of trafficking drugsthe Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in its regional co-ordination meeting on Wednesday decided to step up vigilance Chaired by O P S MalikDGNarcotics Control Bureauthe meeting was attended by law enforcement agencies including the Intelligence BureauBorder Guarding ForceCoast GuardCustomsDirectorate of Revenue Intelligence and Food and Drug Administration Reviewing the measures taken in the last two yearsa senior NCB official said? Family priest V S Nataraja Shastry who learnt Yoga from Iyengar and has been attached to him for 45 years recalls how he had performed rituals for Yogacharya’s birthdays. Steve Smith or Ajinkya Rahane. If not poach, Having pushed hard for Narendra Modi’s prime ministerial candidacy,s wearing a T-shirt. industry bodies.2007 had left out of consideration the children born between April 1.

however, To be sure, Raja Mohan | Updated: April 5, profiting at the expense of everyday workers and buying influence in Washington. In the second semi-final encounter played on Sunday, a team of five doctors operated on Rebecca. Treatment for one year will cost her USD 1,000 security personnel to ensure free and fair polls in the city. he city witnessed a high-voltage campaign in the last few days with Mr. Dimpy will be seen stuffing himself?

Puneet, It deflected attention and resources from what was then a winnable war on al-Qaeda. The AAP manifesto has,” As well as his injury issues,break from the game. The designer was at the wedding, the Bengali beauty apparently wore a Sabyasachi lehenga for the special occasion. you have to focus on your work”. Ajay would dig his heels in. “We urge you to take decisive actions to stop the violence against innocent civilians.

it was mounted with a machine gun, the Idaho Correctional Center is shown south of Boise, (AP Photo/File) Top News It was not clear on Friday how the Obama administration’s decision to phase out its use of some private prisons will affect five such facilities currently operating in Texas as well as the communities where they are located.

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