Cao Cao the purpose of the exchange and several problems Links

1, the PR value high. The PR value represents the website weight, high PR value will stick for a long time, must have the high quality of the chain support. Exchange links with the weight can improve their website.

day "hold a stick" after the start, every day I will take ten minutes to find the chain, ten minutes, and then look at the website ten minutes to "suppress" an original article came out. This can really uncomfortable, today is an old promble: exchange Links. To ask, what is your exchange Links purpose? Improve your weight? Traffic rank? Or PR value? I think that a few have it, in fact, the three are complementary to each other, to enhance the site weight can bring traffic, the site had a strong chain would improve the PR value, the PR value will be high exchange more high quality links to further enhance the weight, and then enhance the flow to improve the PR value…… It said also was endless. The ZA to discuss, what is the high quality links? I think there are the following three aspects: so

2, PR hijacked links. PR hijacking refers to the use of jump cheating to get high on tool bar shows the PR value, this link is also very good judgment, can love Shanghai: PR search query, see each other website PR value if it is true.

three kinds of poor quality links:

2, love Shanghai. Love Shanghai snapshot reaction a website the frequency of updates, a website frequently updated station can get the search engine favour, also can bring their own website.

other factors may be relatively some chicken ribs.

1, buy links. To link Trading Forum and exchange platform to buy links, note the time of purchase non cheat link (PR NOFOLLOW, black chain hijacking, etc.).

2, QQ group exchange links. Before the QQ group and some high efficiency, but now many webmaster robots send exchange information, at the same time window > QQ

3, website

to get high quality links the four channels

1, with NOFOLLOW tag links. With this label link, love Shanghai Google and other search engines are not tracking such links, that is to say no matter how high weight, you do not have any effect link is also no good.

. The website included many, for long time, the number of links and content, content update frequency. The website included several high, inevitable spider activity, but also can let the spider often visit their website.

, 3 pages link. Many high PR value, high weights of the station to exchange links with your home, but you can exchange the link to the home page content, such links unless very high popularity and the weights of the station, or don’t do best. No links to content updates, the snapshot is a few days, ten days or even months not update, the spider rarely settled, so the exchange effect is very poor.

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