Shanghai dragon flash website optimization real Xerox


1, BBS signature of the chain! Find a lot of high weight can be placed by the signature of the forum, often reply posts, anchor text >

communication program, let them to the site all of the articles do a static page, the page only as a search engine, or the site visitors can see the inside of the flash, the plan to quickly complete the update sitemap and roborts files.


3, you cannot add Links

I take the chain method mainly includes:

The second step: with

a little good news is that the company’s website PR value is 3, there is the Universiade keywords souvenirs competition is generally


I was originally a B2C mall responsible for the company’s Shanghai dragon, but in this year during the Universiade, because the company is a franchised dealer Universiades precious metals, the boss gave us down to the task, we cooperate with product sales company Universiade, give me an additional task is to optimize the company’s website FLASH the Universiade! Souvenirs, Universiade commemorative coins of these words do go up


: mistrust of the flash website, I first thought is home to do a static page! The key words in this part of the Universiade and the static pages about some Links! Tell the boss of this plan, immediately rejected, the reason is that this is the site of a company the brand, with a static page on the flash website front too affect the company’s website image, directly on the pass.

flash website to do search engine optimization, if to do optimization is also needed to make a lot of changes to the page before I have been think so. But serendipitously just checked out before the optimization of a company’s brand website, I do find a keyword ranking even in the home. Based on the optimization of their own experience, together with you to explore on flash website optimization techniques, we should also have a belief: the flash site can through the Shanghai dragon to bring up

The third step:

is a complete flash file, no static page.

1, !

received the task to start, this is not likely to bargain with the boss

4, website article is written entirely in flash.

Many people think that the

!The first step of

2, the page title is the name of the company, the website can not find a correlation with the Universiade keywords

received the task, I’m a little sleepy. This is a flash site. About Shanghai dragon fatal disadvantage there are so few points:


external links. Because do not Links, so all the chain of the Universiade products have their own one by one to get

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