Shanghai dragon is able to become the science to see whether the result is controllable

essence, Shanghai dragon is a kind of game, in this game, participants involved algorithm, users, competitors and colleagues. The results support Shanghai Longfeng uncontrolled people think, because these parties do not controllable, so the result is not controllable. The first algorithm is not controllable, the search engine algorithm in the continuous adjustment, even every day there will be a small adjustment, this adjustment may be user experience considerations, may also be considered for commercial purposes, may also be pressure from outside, such as love Shanghai to combat piracy. Shanghai dragon Er does not control the search engine algorithm adjustment. Secondly, the user is not controllable. We cannot control the behavior of users, user behavior plays an important role in the Shanghai dragon, for example if the comment quantity increases, ranking may rise. Third, competition is not controllable. We cannot control the competitors using Shanghai dragon means optimization degree can not control the competitors. Fourth, colleagues uncontrollable. Shanghai dragon is the joint operation planning, publishing, and code optimization and so on, a lot of the time, the colleague’s behavior is not controllable. Due to the above various item is not controllable, so the result is not controllable, Shanghai dragon.

1, a keyword ranking, so easily into the home, but another key, then how to optimize, are difficult to home.

supports the view of a few people. They have a convincing reason.

2, a keyword, but efforts to optimize the ranking has not improved, but was suspended for a period of time, several rankings.

of course, we are unable to precisely control the Shanghai Longfeng results, but we can control the Shanghai dragon in an interval. The reason why it is not controllable.

of course, there are many unexpected situations. In short, is the site site in the search rankings, there will be a lot of things to one’s surprise.

3, a website, a period of time is normal ranking, but the reason is the search engine of K station.

in Shanghai Longfeng work, we often encounter the following:

Shanghai Longfeng the results of controlled reason

Shanghai Longfeng results uncontrollable reason

said the image, we hit a punch, but we can not expect this one will hit a big pit.

According to

I agree to Shanghai dragon is the definition of a game. The parties and to participate in the game, we can be controlled in a certain range, even for the sudden change.

, some people think that the Shanghai dragon is not controllable. That is, we may know the website tomorrow in the keyword search ranking direction may fall or rise, but we do not know the precise, tomorrow, website is in the first few. That is to say, we cannot know through personal efforts, the site will eventually be fixed in one end point.

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