Cause the chain loss rate high reason and solution

solution: in the chain, we should keep a little, an account don’t release too much of the article, it is better to play a gun for a gun, published several articles, then register an account, it is not because the account was closed, resulting in loss of the chain is too high.

forum signature for keywords ranking is very helpful, especially in the anchor text in the form of signature, the effect is better; a lot of friends for the forum signature is not enough to understand, often in order to optimize and replace it, such as today is a small mountain in order to optimize the key words, so to do this is a small mountain in the signature of keywords in the signature, tomorrow may feel is a small mountain Black Tea this keyword is more valuable, and the signature for the Black Tea is a small mountain, we found that once we replace the signature, so we all have the signature change, assume the amount of words for the degree of loss of the chain is still quite large.

account closure is a sad thing, because the account is not blocked only one or two articles, a few articles for the site is not affected; some long-term account is the release of the chain, such as blogs or forums of their own, many friends found this place a good weight post collection rate is very high, don’t and it is very safe, so every day to send the chain, one day when the account was closed off, so the site is a fatal blow.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion, the chain of the site overall weight lifting and keywords ranking plays an important role in the construction of the chain, but will encounter many obstacles, such as the forum invited to register, the post has been deleted, account closure and so on, in the face of this situation, Shanghai Dragon Er will have a faint sadly, when we do not chain skills, may lead to the chain of our loss rate is too high, resulting in the website search engine drop right now to talk about, cause the chain loss rate high reason and solution:

two, the account was closed to the chain lost

three, forum signature resulted in replacement of the chain lost

solution: forum signature should be permanent, such as the A5 forum, once set up.

solution: we want to know what Shanghai Longfeng no shortcuts, only some differences between the method and the strategy, if for convenience and tools, so the site will eventually be defeated in their own hands, the tool can only assist Shanghai dragon, can not replace, should be done in moderation.

, a software group caused by the chain lost

software group is the chain released "convenient means", early may give the website weight and keywords ranking to take quick action, because the article is batch release, once the search engine will post included, then the effect will be quickly apparent, but this method is not for a long time, when the administrator after the discovery of the possibility the deletion of the large, some sites because of the chain loss rate is too high and causing the site to drop right.

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