Three reasons of affecting the user experience


do not underestimate a web interface, this interface is equivalent to a shop store, if the interface of the website is out of order, chaos, pop everywhere, when the user wants to point a movie or an article, actually eject several popups to, then this kind of site is limited, the user experience is good. So, if you want to do a user experience, you can not put the window, but to control the time and play the pop-up frequency, not a minute to play several times, also experience what! Is the site of the second color collocation, a lot of people according to their own love color collocation website color, because everyone has different color sense, some love red, some love green, then appeared bright network, however, when the color collocation to pay attention to the site when you do stand, for example, the website is best to use more sentimental deep color, so as to more prominent website characteristics. One can add user emotions. To better explain the sentimental meaning, this is called inside and outside.

user experience one reason:

user experience is every webmaster pursuit. Get the ranking which website user experience will be good, but also not bad. Even the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, so we do not pursue it. Why? So, good user experience will be the trend of the development of the website, to no one can break this trend! Believe that many webmaster can very good understanding of what the user experience, and when some sites when the user experience is very good, the stationmaster didn’t, that is their own means to optimize the results, in fact it may be on the contrary, some don’t optimize the webmaster is the best, because they do not understand this, so they can only stand in the user’s point of view to analyze the website, this will not be some of the shackles of traditional ideas, for a long time, the formation of the user and do stand, rather than search engine do stand, so a good ranking is no words. So how can we know the user experience? By what methods can be found about the following? Analysis of three factors associated with the user experience:

friendly interface

is said that most of the factors, but also the most influential, all web sites have content, whether to add their own or friends recommendation or submission, there will be no content, the contents of the website cannot be called website, is the movie station content is movies, pictures of the station is. The other is, a meaning, so how do the content to make the user experience rise? This is all webmaster pursuit. Here the author, for example, two sites of the same type of A and B, then A is the webmaster of web content is written by themselves or by netizens recommend submission, most B website content from other sites were turned hundreds of times and turn the contents. From this point you can see, the user more love which website, "

The influence of The influence of

user experience two reasons: the content of the website

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