Shanghai dragon to understand simple things to do is not simple


A, general time quantitative, I am accustomed to 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., a new web site, if the station every day 3-5 article on the lot, large requirements need a lot of advice in the early stage of the 30-50 article about. Here to give you advice is also a plan to give their updated quantitative timing on the search engine is a very good habit of training, will give the site a very good evaluation.

2, adhere to the construction site outside the chain

chat with a friend, accidentally swept his signature at a glance: simple things to do, is not simple! It’s a very simple word, have seen before many times, jokingly said, will use his signature to write an article, he said, now I have time you start to write. Of course, this writing is not the reason to write, you already have this idea, just to take this opportunity to write out some of their own ideas.


here introduce some usual I practice, because my way is not typical, here to introduce a very good friend of mine, his manipulation is worth drawing power, you might find you from his way inside to do outside of the chain. He did the chain to the site www.yj-wx贵族宝贝, a month on the five thousand, and are now ranked in the first.

front and we talked a lot about the update things, many things we do not do well, but can not insist on the problem, here I will not talk about this is not to be original, don’t talk about what direction of some things, I specifically how I update the site the contents of.

B, the article as far as possible to change greatly, because each industry knowledge is so much, there will inevitably be repeated, but don’t be changed, should as far as possible the authority do, very real. Pseudo original and original in fact is not important, important is to provide good content to the user.

1, insist on the content of the website

as I said earlier, I was a rookie, I for a lot of things are simply remain in the basic level, so I have been doing is something simple, but I do a little simple things to do, to adhere to every day, every hour, as long as there is time to. Some of my everyday things here to talk about:

When the morning

Hello, I am virtual son rain. To introduce a number of Shanghai dragon ideas, a lot of friends began to criticize me, because a lot of things I do are very basic, that’s not nice, very simple, as long as there is some experience of the webmaster can, and many owners would think that I was indeed a commonplace talk of an old scholar, this is my limitations. I just at this level, can only write this article, sometimes really do not so good, please forgive me my friends.

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