Shanghai Longfeng optimization is actually very simple fix 3 Tips

do Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, 3 elements:

behind you

2. a search

1. Shanghai dragon thinking strategy

3. who do first mobile phone terminal optimization, who is the first to get ranked

Choose a good market


Shanghai dragon has been developed for many years, is really help a lot of people to make life in the first pot of gold, because Shanghai Longfeng feasible development and optimization of low cost, so more and more people began to study Shanghai dragon. The industry has once developed, also spawned a lot of new business models.

After friend

, a Shanghai dragon thinking strategy

has been chosen for their own industry, have some characteristics and features of the industry began to study.

when the Internet, especially the Shanghai dragon optimization article, to speak in terms of the nature of the final or something, but it is more and more complex, this is a double-edged sword.

is actually very simple, find out the industry.

usually Shanghai Longfeng optimization difficulty is closely related to your industry, natural hot industry is highly competitive, difficult to optimize nature will be greatly improved, so we must choose to combine their own situation.

by the way, how to understand an industry.

is a correct choice, determines the success of

especially WeChat is now very popular today, that the search will be slowly replaced, I can only say that the search will continue to exist, but may change into another form appears.

also said that the search technology upgrade too quickly, before many optimization techniques do not work, do not know how to optimize.

himself had no money, no resources, choose some of the more popular, some of the high profit industry to do, this industry is very many, such as venture Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce disposable items, snacks and so on small industry, love Shanghai index check rather less, but the demand is not necessarily less.

2. according to the characteristics of the industry, the layout of the marketing strategy of

The habit of going to the site to see some of the

a lot of people say that search ranking mechanism is not fair, suspected covert operation.

should be combined with the actual life of old judge, sometimes data can lie, he should have the ability to judge.

choose too hard, if you choose to start in the wrong place, so it takes you behind the 90% effort is futile, especially in the fierce competition in the industry now every time, must choose the industry according to their actual situation.

Shanghai dragon people, competition becomes big, slowly becomes well done.

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