The website editors talk about Shanghai dragon let station editor is no longer a problem

as the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is only as a guide to the Shanghai dragon do the key is to accumulate experience, summed up the Shanghai Longfeng law from practice. For the website editor, Shanghai dragon is the most basic work, this is one of the most important part of the Shanghai dragon. Many station editor friends when editing the site, usually feel dull as ditch water, in this case are collected, slightly modified to expand, will be posted on the website, or through multiple articles together, in the expansion of order published on the website. For the professional staff of Shanghai Longfeng normally will have their own concept of editing.

rapid development of Internet technology, the face of the vision of the new, different types of Web sites are not poor, work every day from the complex editorial staff often feel station day in and day out, no content can be edited, no content can be extended, the conventional software acquisition from the slightly processing, search engines do not buy it. Shanghai small for everyone to share "four in one" concept, the station for the extended editing tips, let the station editor is no longer a problem.

of conventional editing method

is the first title, the title is the soul, the title is whether we used hot search term or long tail keywords as a title, the title must contain "balanitis costs" of the core keywords. This ensures that the correlation between the title and the article closely linked. For example, "how much does it cost us balanitis" as the title.

is a complete essay title (title), the first paragraph of text, and the tail section of the four part, the article determines the weight. If we do not match the high weight station, so we ranked in front of web pages can not be ranked in the web site you can, the answer is, we all know that love is not only the Shanghai ranked only considering the weight of the website, a paper weight is also very important, if we the contents of the article and title closer correlation, the content is higher than the opponent gold, then Shanghai will be more love we believe that our article, more authoritative, so the weight of this article we have this page than the opponent’s high weight, Shanghai ranked in the top match natural love. The following small examples explain the implementation of four in one thinking to improve an article included, ranking.

then the first section of the first paragraph is the core of the article, by reading the first paragraph to write to the paper can understand is that on the basis of this, we must know that if an article can be collected, the first paragraph is very critical, adding appropriate keywords in the first paragraph is a very crucial step as we all know, the keyword density in 2%>

to do the medical industry site for a home, if your keywords are balanitis balanitis costs, so we can use the four in one thinking fast and efficient editing of a text belongs to their own original documents.

four in one concept of rapid and efficient editing

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