The inventory of 12 reasons Shanghai website love or not updated snapshot

5, the content of low quality

website often subject to hacker attacks, web servers often fail, the website is linked to the horse etc. will directly affect the stability of the site, if this situation will lead to long-term love Shanghai snapshot or long-term not update phenomenon. Buy space construction site safety is necessary.

chain with the same content, not the more the better, to maintain quality under the condition of steady increase, the high quality of the chain construction please refer to this article: "depth interpretation of high quality site outside the chain of knowledge

website site were collected, webmaster for convenience to use some tools for collecting daily collection, or some pseudo original work, lead content is not readable, affecting the user experience, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot or update.

6, the chain of less

many web programs have exquisite template, but when you do website optimization, the best can confirm a good template not easily modified. Like to modify the structure, such as the theme of the site is very easy to cause the site to drop right or be K.

Adsense foreign chain, that the more the better, use some group work of large mass outside the chain, even if it is outside the chain of high quality, but also need to have a degree, not the more the better, to maintain a stable frequency update, otherwise it will lead to falling in love with the sea or snapshot does not update the phenomenon.

many owners ignore the role of the chain, and some simply do not go to the chain, the chain is the only way to external web site optimization, make good use of the website ranking is very helpful, every day the construction of some high quality of the chain is the webmaster of the necessary work.

cheatingKnow this from the wrong > Some

8, outside the chain of low quality

is a novice webmaster, in its search engine spiders lack of set up the site, in the learning process found his title is not very consistent with the search engine optimization repeatedly modified, so easily lead to love Shanghai or not update the snapshot.

3, website templates, changes of the structure over

website is not stableThe

many websites especially enterprise sites are in a state of neglect, the content of the website or even half a year are not updated, like this site, the number of spider crawling will slowly decrease, even is not crawling, causing the site snapshot not update or love Shanghai.

7, the chain of

2, website title often changes


believes that many webmaster friends met website love Shanghai snapshot or stagnant situation, what is caused by what factors? I summarized ten common factors, if your site is normal phenomenon, you can see for several reasons, and make corresponding amendments.

1, the content of the website long-term not update


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