Analysis of keywords ranking from the keyword Shanghai dragon

four, website weight to the important role of

for keywords rankingShanghai Longfeng Analysis page ranking of these sites

Shanghai dragon ranking, I believe many people are often concerned about the Shanghai dragon why this site in the first row for a long time, now had the subtle change, Chinaz Shanghai Longfeng query tool came in front of it; love the sea algorithm adjustment, ranking will occur occasionally some changes, but the number is not much change, from the words of Shanghai Longfeng ranking can summarize some keywords ranking way:

love Shanghai ?Keywords

, a black hat Shanghai dragon ranking is only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum

search, they are very high weight, such as the Zac tips, stone interaction is founded in 06, Shanghai dragon why is many webmaster friends will be on the site now, these are very high weight website, because the keywords of the Shanghai the dragon’s ranking also play a big role in Shanghai and love >

some of the new site will receive special care to love Shanghai, keywords ranking is very good, but did not last long, and soon came down from the top; keywords Shanghai dragon ranking we also found, often there will be some websites in Shanghai Longfeng why above, there are a lot of people assume Shanghai dragon why the ranking of the fluctuations, but in the end still keep Shanghai dragon why own position, which means make up words may not be the most difficult, keep ranking is the most difficult.

two, row up is the key, key is to keep the

three, the strong trade keywords by artificial interference

The keyword

from Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking, ranking home are generally not completely to profit for the purpose of the site, and the last search keywords appear a Shanghai dragon to remind the public: do not easily say Shanghai dragon company and case…… Perhaps this is the love of Shanghai, in a way to remind us, this shows that some commercial, large amount of keyword search may be artificial interference to love Shanghai, love of Shanghai limited human resources, it is not possible for every industry to intervene, so for some low search volume keywords do not there is fear.

love Shanghai advocate white hat Shanghai Longfeng formal means of operation, eliminate those black hat cheating. With the increasing competition in the industry of Shanghai dragon, black hat means still from Shanghai dragon of emerge in an endless stream, keywords ranking, some by means of black hat up site, soon was severely punished by the love of Shanghai; black hat ranking in a short period of time to meet their own vanity, but in the long run point of view, is a very reasonable mode of operation, the use of black hat means by K website, want to return to life is probably not so easy as in the past, whether can keep

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