Optimize the internal skills of the pseudo original and original wrestling with partner sites

pseudo original skills is actually very simple, one word. We need to do is make a difference, the former text get recognition in the article. Do false original when we are a destroyer, destroy the things before, but we are also an esthetician, destruction of an article, we immediately set up another article on this basis and. As previously I introduced the case, a case of the same, may introduce or so much, but different from the perspective of consolidation can achieve different effects.

1, the pseudo original applied to the original

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For the website, regardless of what kind of customer oriented, we all need a full content to show their own advantage, so as to retain customers, of course, this is just the transformation of customers, from the marketing point of view to analyze the content of the construction of our internal site. From the angle of Shanghai dragon, can achieve this point is really great, but most of the time because we need to do a lot of work to do, so when we do the optimization of the internal construction of the content more by pseudo original.


update is our webmaster will do every day, but one thing is most a headache for us, because the long-term update will use our mind to the original language, is a distant thing, so we must pay attention to the use of pseudo original knowledge, especially the pseudo original applied to the original. Many people may be very strange to ask, the original is original, pseudo original is false original, pseudo original how to apply to the original? Here you may be a bit confused, in fact, I mean the pseudo original concept to the original. An article is not original, more time not to say that every word is new, not to say all and others do not, but to some fixed knowledge with different angles, different mood, show different words, and in these processes we can use prior knowledge, such as when we write a website construction plan, in order to show us in Shanghai, site of many competitors advantages, of course we have to show the advantages of their own, most of the people are doing, but if we can choose from another angle to write from the user’s point of view, the user function on our website what are the requirements, as well as the degree of satisfaction, this is a very good case.

to support high quality content owners may not so that the pseudo original identity, pseudo original is not desirable, will bring high quality content to the user experience is not good, this in A5 and Chinaz, as well as some webmaster forum is very common, because Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is so much, really can not get rid of. But the pseudo original does not necessarily are junk content, these content as long as we grasp, can bring high weight to our website. Today I will introduce the first point to optimize the internal skills website: pseudo original and original struggle and cooperation.

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