During the Spring Festival how to improve website ranking


can be said that the more large website is not relax, because of the large daily update amount is large, the chain also published, so the spider love Shanghai almost every day to climb, but also basically snapshot is updated daily. Because love Shanghai spider has been used every day and even instant crawl the website during the Spring Festival, if suddenly stop updating, although may still be updated snapshot, but the site’s trust will be reduced, the first day has not been updated for second days has not been updated for third days still not updated, arrival times will reduce the spider. For the station, may be updated once a week snapshot, but during the Spring Festival is still not relaxed, updated every day, the spider will think love Shanghai shorten the period of the updated snapshot, between the rise and fall, it may lead to the change of the ranking.

two, significantly reduced the amount of

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well, and the reasons for the decline in ranking, we talk about how to improve the site’s ranking quickly during the Spring Festival. According to the points mentioned above, is that we can easily think of, keep the update, improve the site’s traffic. However, in the Spring Festival is almost the most important Chinese crowd Festival, to do this is obviously difficult, but as long as the station, I master enough self-control, spend a few hours a day can keep the amount of updates, and large for it, the company may have dozens or even hundreds of employees rely on webmaster efforts is clearly not enough, then we must use some means to motivate employees, many specific methods, such as the purchase of the third party, now many Witkey websites can hire writers, and can be in accordance with article number billing, we can buy a sufficient number of articles in the Spring Festival holiday before. Each article about one yuan to a few dollars, according to the national 2013 Spring Festival holiday arrangements, in 10 columns, each column update 1-3 article, 7× 3=21, according to the calculation of each 1-3 yuan, 210-630 yuan to pay a total.

during the Spring Festival, people are busy with all relatives, "the pocket is" basically, the Internet can be a lot less than usual, especially some websites such as YJBYS, job network, job recruitment as a class of such strong seasonal sites, the annual Spring Festival the day will flow reduce, basically can only reach about 200 thousand IP, far less than the usual 700 thousand IP when the highest flow rate. As we all know, love Shanghai in ranking, website traffic is also occupy a certain weight, therefore, decrease traffic may also lead to the drop.

to stop the update

Spring Festival is coming, and it is the Internet practitioners, a rapid increase in good time ranking. I believe that many owners have encountered such a situation, home for the Chinese new year, found that the site’s ranking fell, Shanghai has almost ceased to love the snapshot update, the reason is nothing more than the following:

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