The website backlinks optimization operation summary

13, click on the link number: if the search engine can monitor the reverse link (the user clicks, click on the reverse link statistics system) more, that are of great help to the user, this type of link is more worthy of trust.

The number of Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


The residence time of 14

7, link on the page appears in the position of nature appear in the text of the link is the best.

2, link page’s importance: high weight weight page facing greater impact.

the following 15 reverse link optimization operation, most of the source – Shanghai dragon experience. Wu Feng put this knowledge to sum up, in order to facilitate the Shanghai dragon peer friends, there is a detailed reference in reverse link. For this paper, if you have a different point of view, Wu Feng is very welcome to leave a message, give your opinion

12, the reverse link in the page, even if there are links to other websites? If there is, and the content of Related words, that every link to the voting power will increase accordingly. If no related content, the overall quality of rigid links will drop a lot. This is why some station home chain to love Shanghai portal station reason.

The text near the

8, the reverse link anchor text: is the key link to you, this is one of the important factors that influence the ranking.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

11, the reverse link page content is changing? Change degree? Change the theme of

is 5, and the content of the page where the reverse link: a Shanghai dragon article, put the "* * fat reduction" link, which is not related.

before and after 9, link anchor text.

6, where the link domain name: old domain name, the first time included earlier, more trusted link.

, click on the reverse link after the user browsing time is longer, more help.

4, the link increased speed: increased speed in a time axis, steadily rising trend.

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10, link where the domain name is transferred from the first: if the transfer of the domain name, do a lot of reverse link, is very easy to be identified.

3, the reverse link: the greater the number, the more favorable for ranking.

1, where the content of the website links with your website theme: content more relevant, more help rankings.


chain optimization topics: in most can improve the weights of the website.

15, the link is healthy: a large number of blog, BBS signature, unhealthy content on the website links, no substantive content of these links, links are not healthy.

The weight of

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