The first noble baby Shanghai Longfeng how to do Google optimization

optimization is the most important? The number >




seventh: noble baby analytics.

Originally this is to

noble baby URL optimization and URL optimization and love Shanghai more or less some difference;

See the

URL Optimization:

The first step:

in the first place, but this together now I still not complete. Our site is 贵族宝贝, some of you will find that title is very long, the beginning of the heart we all know: think of a page for more keywords ranking, but the actual situation is too much weight keywords will seriously scattered pages. Because just do it soon, the product and the familiar degree is not enough, with the April plan website for TITLE optimization of all aspects of the

The fifth step: TDK polymerization

last year ushered in a major event in the life of marriage. Considering the reason of family and so on, resigned from the network’s work, came to a close by the foreign trade company, began a career noble baby site optimization.

The third step: The H

site structure with the noble baby BOT to

;The sixth step: What do


Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon laoliang Shanghai dragon is also two or three years, was done before the domestic website optimization, website, website, network medical mall companies large and small sites also took over 200 months, for the optimization of domestic websites dare not say good, at least also have their own way.

label before our site is very chaotic, now H tag has changed the ALT/NOFOLLOW label arranged in good order; the other is to optimize the students know, not to say

The fourth step:

our company is aluminum products in foreign trade, just contact the nobility baby site, the first impression is: all English, four had a good english. Many professional expressions cannot read how to do? To find aristocratic baby. Familiar with the basic website, began to make optimization scheme. In fact, the optimization and optimization of the noble baby love Shanghai still has a lot of similarities:

habits;The second step:

self for the degree of attention that the aristocratic baby of the chain to attach more importance than the love of Shanghai. I inquired the number outside the chain of our history, only a hundred, but hundreds of thousands of our competitors. The chain is the continuous solid. How to send the chain? I believe every webmaster have a clear mind

tags Optimization:

out of love Shanghai to optimize the understanding of the search engine is very love for the polymerization page, and we are a lot of pages to do keyword ranking; so in consultation with my manager manager [programmer was born], the inside pages do related products call, the result is really good;

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