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here is some information about the search for similar. You can see how others do:

in Blogs in the noble baby

input intitle: "top 10" [list] [KEYWORD]

in News in the noble babyThe

benefits: experts may make links on your own web page to your page; if your readers / users trust experts, will trust you; if you add the correct code on the page to see the "noble baby co authors" such information, your family will trust you baby. For example, you can add rel= experts in the meta information in the name of ". You can also let the bloggers take your website to join their noble baby +.

An interview with in the nobility baby ImagesThe

list intitle:[KEYWORD] top "input 10" in the noble baby贵族宝贝, can be found in many display list in the form of content.

In an interview with

baby does not want you to go to the nobility to create a blog, and some key words can be ranked first in the search engine does not stop with the word blog. With this noble baby don’t put your blog in the first row. Not only to publish blog articles with many keywords content. You can create a new resource center -.

input intitle: "top 10" [list] intitle:[KEYWORD]

people search keywords wiki is preferred, because wiki resources can provide what most people need to search the things: true information, as well as the official information.


noble baby respect those who produce high-quality content people. An easier way is the expert interview in your industry, the content of the interview released. This is not a face-to-face interview. For example, the following example, can use the telephone or mail interview, interview.

what is the resource center? It is an educational tool on your website, the show is to encourage learning and sharing of information or knowledge. Resource Center "marketing" to your content.


people generally love list this form, clear at a glance. Noble love baby. You just put your content in a Top 10 way out.

3. knowledge base or resource center


intitle:infographic intitle: top "input 10" [KEYWORD]


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