How to make the content of the collection to generate optimal value

first, modify the title, description and keywords. This is the most basic operation, if these do not change, love Shanghai will soon be considered plagiarism, and website content is hard to love Shanghai also included, even if included, then the user sees and other website content as like as two peas plus, your ranking in the content, click on the possibility of the very obviously low. With love Shanghai algorithm progress, this pure plagiarism acquisition mode, apparently already be inopportune or inappropriate. Here the title and keywords and describe the changes, we must pay attention to and the inside of the content is consistent, but also need to avoid the problem of the title of the party, the content and the title is of unity, but also need to have a certain degree of innovation, which helps to attract users to click.


second, to optimize the layout. People collect content can not put other people’s web page layout also collected, which is equal to the copy of a web page, will obviously be considered plagiarism or cheating in the love of Shanghai, but also bring bad phenomenon to the user. In typesetting, the first to combine their own site overall style layout, and then to minimize the advertising picture or other junk content, make the content of the collection is more prominent, it can realize the layout page difference. Here must let the collection content clean, after all, as a new website, the application of a large number of advertising is clearly not necessary, because it is your website ranking, or click rate is very low, even though the use of love Shanghai advertising alliance would bring to the site so the key to return, the web content layout to optimize, enhance the readability.

then how to make the collection content have the optimized value? The author thinks, you only need a huadianxinsi to manual acquisition, or can play a certain effect, here I think, here comes the collection must be manually collected, and resolutely put an end to the software acquisition, otherwise easily to the site of the future brings great hidden danger. The following is the specific value method to talk about how to improve the content of the manual collection.

third, the content of the collection must be fresh. Now the Internet information update quickly, if your site collected content is very old, on the one hand the same too much content on the web, it is difficult to get the favor of users, on the other hand, it is difficult to get included, and give some rankings. So pick >

in the Shanghai Dragon Ring optimization repeatedly said that the acquisition of content is often not what role, even to the site have a negative effect, but for the grassroots, for a large site architecture, let it become true to life, it is essential to be in a certain degree of acquisition. This means that if the improper acquisition will bring great negative influence on the site of future operations, but if the acquisition method is reasonable, will bring good optimization effect to the site, after all, the development of the site is to be built on the basis of content, if there is no content, just like a beauty only the skeleton, but no outer skin beautiful.

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