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first, attract spiders crawl: although love Shanghai under a lot of work in the new mining site, open a number of data submitted to the entrance, provides a social discovery channel, but the chain is still the most important discovery of the radio link entrance. This sentence is love Shanghai Adsense Institute’s original formulation, through this passage, it is not difficult to find the core of the chain is still attractive for web site search engine spiders crawl, but love is not limited to Shanghai railway station, grab the chain, open a number of data submitted to the entrance, social channels. The spider crawling visible entrance types increased, for the owners concerned not only the chain as a way to attract the spider, can refer to the above content through different channels and entrance attract spiders, for new sites selection range more widely.

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nets have a story for the new on-line love Shanghai station, the A5 station network is indeed tread on air, the webmaster of the vane, will be the first time the valuable information in readers’ eyes, the down under the link address to love Shanghai station, in the process of reading the content in an article on the school master of the chain into the eye, well, today the author and the analysis, love Shanghai Adsense Institute for the 2014 edition of the website chain introduced.

wedges, love Shanghai once, "content is king over the chain for the emperor" is popular for many years, the super chain score to reflect the relevance and importance of ", was one of the important factors for the search engine" assessment will directly involved in the search results ranking calculation. But with the staff of the Shanghai Dragon technology is more and more understanding, super chain has gradually lost its significance as the vote, whether it is Google or love Shanghai, are increasingly dependent on linked data of the lower. So now, super chain in the role played by the

second, transfer correlation information to the search engine: love sea except through TITLE, page H tags, keywords, judgment of web content, will be judged by the auxiliary anchor text. Use a picture as a hyperlink click on the entrance, also can through the ALT property and the title label to express love in Shanghai. This sentence describes the chain anchor text to us, and that we now operate optimization technique is consistent with the anchor text or ALT tags can be very intuitive to tell what is the meaning of the anchor text? Help spider to read and understand our website anchor text and pictures on behalf of the specific text information.

third rankings: love Shanghai search engine while reducing the dependence on super chain, but never fall on hyperlink recognition efforts to develop a more strict quality links, links, and normal link spam spam link standard. The cheat link, in addition to the filter to clean up the link, the link station also benefit to a certain degree of punishment. Accordingly, the quality of the link, Shanghai still love attitude. Through this section we find site outside the chain is still love.

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