The chain after the site was down the right coping strategy

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site is down right, in addition to some uncontrollable factors, is nothing more than a keyword, content acquisition, chain, bold and H1 tags and other abuse, excessive optimization situation. Once a site is down right, these are the objects we have to check the. In the website internal optimization of this one, as long as it does not affect the user experience, then the influence of the website ranking will not be too big. Because there are too many outside chain is not controllable, therefore, should be reduced when the check as a key object, especially in green, the chain became a double-edged sword, well done, can let you fly, do well, will make you too horrible to look at. Therefore, in this paper, the author summarizes a few on the website be reduced after right outside of the chain strategy analysis:

Scindapsus came out, Links exchange becomes startling step by step, the problems will capsize. In fact, not only now, as early as Scindapsus algorithm prior to predecessors told us, Links each other is down right, or by K, so our website will be implicated. Therefore, after the site right down, we should immediately check the website of the Links, found the K website, or drop right serious website, then quickly deleted. The low weight site, if the number of the chain he has very much, the weight of this site can transfer can be ignored, so there is no need to exist. Links this one is often the culprit site is down right, such as the author’s website once tried after deleting a serious drop right site, ranking back within two days. Links is the site optimization double-edged sword fighter, when hung on the first Links start, we should timely check Links consciousness.

if the site had used mass outside the chain, or once at a construction site outside the chain of a large quality is very poor. You can try the chain of love Shanghai launched a denial of tools. The author did not use, but the real success does exist. In the optimization process in the past, the mass of the chain and harmful waste too much the chain is brought as everyone knows, even refuse to use the chain to tool, it must also be all meaningless to stop the construction of the chain (the chain of garbage).

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two, the existence of the mass of the chain and a lot of garbage outside the chain of

It seems to several recent optimization of Guangzhou website construction enterprise

in the station, after the site keywords ranking position down, one of a large number of construction garbage outside the chain, if not related, regardless of whether they can bring the flow of the chain, are all done, but still no ranking rose, but floating worryingly. Another, every day insist on doing, outside the chain, only related links, design forum and better in several flow collected by the author in the regular release about web design works, case page to attract users to enter the site, for the site


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