The change of the 2011 Google important ranking algorithm

if a visitor can as soon as possible to get what they want, the search is a happy thing. Although the speed of the site is only a small factor in ranking, but the performance optimization of your page has great significance.

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most of the Google search results will display more than 10 pages also list. The search results are no longer just a link, but including images, video, news, local search results etc..


two: social search becomes more

five: you can not just focus on Google, YAHOO will be a combination of

you have to do with a comprehensive approach to the promotion of your site: optimize your web content, get good backlinks, to provide local information, submit your business video to Google, and so on, make sure that your website is possible in all forms of Google’s search results.

: the low quality of the website by filtering

in 2011 was a very busy year. Especially in the search service, great changes have taken place in the algorithm. If you want your website to keep a good ranking, get enough tourists, you must understand these changes. With the end of 2011, the author in this paper several Google algorithm change in 2011 finishing more important.

social signals such as Google’s noble baby + number Facebook or Twitter number of shared social signals and so on, these social media will affect the Google search results ranking.

you to do: do not try to close the psychological development of website content, quality is even more important than quantity.

becomes more and more importantAlthough Google

Google released several updates to the ranking algorithm in 2011 years, trying to filter out low quality from the site in search results. Collect content blindly or publish the low quality of the content will not be able to get high ranking. Due to the change of Google to some algorithm, makes some website traffic declined by more than 75%.


currently has the largest market share, but YAHOO and Bing’s portfolio also has a market share of 33%. So as to optimize personnel, we cannot ignore will be YAHOO’s market share of 33%.

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four: the rate of the page ranking become a factor of

three: the search results is not only a link to

you have to do: add social sharing buttons to your site, and encourage your visitors to the site to share your content to their social network.

you have to do: in the optimization of Google at the same time, should also be taken into account for the optimization of YAHOO bing.

you have to do: make sure your page loading speed

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