Combined with several elements optimization examples about the station in Shanghai Dragon

recently friendship a website to help a friend do optimization, why do not you first friendship, professional website optimization, but usually do some small, do some website optimization work, can only say that he is half a bucket of water, not very professional. Plus your friend, there is no effect is not a problem, I will just get a first. Friends of the site is a catering enterprise site is a canteen contractor enterprises, mainly for Ningbo local schools, factories and enterprises to do business in the canteen contractor; he is more focused on which a network, so the company website early to do, but when you get the site first. See is still a little scared feeling on this site.

4, the website chain basically did not do, some internal "your position" are not linked, each page related keywords are not pointing to another page.

1, the website of each page of the title is the same, sweat.

3, keyword, description etc. each page with No.

5, there is some unreasonable columns.

after 2 days of hard work, basically completed, the site.

this process is worth mentioning and noble baby pagespeed plugin, the web page score using this plugin, then according to the suggestions given plug-in, such as the use of cache, open gzip function, CSS compression, JS files, and image files, can make the page loading speed was significantly increased.

2, rewrite the website part of the program, increase the static module on the home page, page information.

to solve these problems, the first step by step adjustment, specifically to do the following things:

, 2 sites are not static, dynamic pages, business information and other information content is with parameters that.

1, first is to determine the site keywords, according to the key words to re-examine the website column setting and layout, through analysis, finally to the site of the set of "canteen contractor" and "Ningbo canteen contractor", "professional canteen contract firms" and other words, of course, there are some other words, to put in another page optimization.

first of all the status of the site is so good, because he hired a website maker (estimated more art) in the company responsible for the site and other matters, but in terms of optimization can be said is really not at all, first analyze the main problems about the website:

4, on each page related keywords do in the chain, pointing to the other station page keywords.

3, for each page to write the contents of the description and Title keywoeds.

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