Sharing examples can increase website five rate

articles included rate for the success of a web site is very important, I take the author in the medical industry, medical industry as the core keywords is basically is the large medical portal site occupied, we like this hospital website. Can only win from the number of long tail keywords on, so if there is no good included rate, this website basically is a waste. Below I will according to my own experience, I can tell that 5 factors affect the rate of collection.

home pageThe above

Er all know that the chain can not only provide website weight, there is another feature is the "spider", but many owners generally only home chain, in fact the chain effect is better than a lot of home, we.

the original degree is higher, included rate is also higher, this is all the owners are aware of, but the original high natural time is long, want to guarantee the quantity, the degree of the original nature is difficult to be improved. So for new sites, I suggest that you can slightly reduce the number of articles, focus on increasing the original degrees, our company for new sites are generally take the way is to not pay attention to the quality, but the protection of article 80% of the original, even some crap to write their own can, after a week the new station, the collection rate basically reached more than 90%, and almost all the seconds.

3, the layout is very important, can affect the proper insertion of pictures included:

4, the

2, the original marketing is the most important factor included

Shanghai dragon

can not write on the matter, to the article page chain

medical industry site 90% are using the Dede template, and many hospitals are using the network stations, a network of a programmer, but to do dozens of websites, the use of repetition rate as can be imagined, the template is very high, almost all of the website templates are is this website as like as two peas, the rate of good? The author here, I have to share an experience: in the upper left corner of the page to set up "the latest article" label, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can be the first time to find the new article. We have done experiments, almost two sites, the establishment of a "new article" label, a no, by the same editor to publish the article, included rate is 30% or more.

in the medical industry, as editor of the article is limited, regardless of content, layout, style and page layout are almost similar, it seems the general shape, but we all know. Things can only attract new love Shanghai, attract spider, our company has done experiments, finally found that even the original degree is low, but as long as there is a new format, with proper insertion with the content of the picture, included rate is still not low.

1, don’t copy others’ website template, set up "the article" label on the upper left corner of the

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