What the original blog promotion chain still hot

third, the blog set is very important, I take Sina blog as an example, I hope to do more hot blog, do not do business publicity, did not think this blog will bring me higher weights and potential customers and visitors. I assume that my blog is to set up the image of the company, is my own blog title keyword name, so the blog name is "company name + URL", blogger title is the name of our company, of course, you can also add certain Internet Co to the title, and then set the logo (avatar maybe the blog can also play a role of publicity, will maximize the use of limited resources to develop the effect as much as possible. The blog page plate set, also pay attention to. I put the plate all the functions above, in fact, this is not good, especially the music player, or other pictures of the link, a visitor record, but these will blow open blog speed, I treat your blog like optimize your site, in my blog optimization when the whole blog is concise, the atmosphere, the necessary template is Links, which can transfer the high weight of the link, of course, add internal links, but also enhance the user experience of a blog is a good way, convenient for potential customers and readers click on my main site, this method in an experiment in August, the effect is obvious.

Shanghai dragon ultimately is the chain, how to get high quality is the chain of friends are most concerned about the topic, in the end what kind of chain is the chain of high beam? No doubt, that is the blog the chain of high quality, people can not help but ask, now the Bo the guest is very difficult to do, add a link, write a blog product information, a little attention was closed, let me give you a summary of specific methods under the blog link.

second, registered blog should pay attention to, always careless on the blog registered a lot of people, just fill out a data for it. That only registered registered account on the line, the actual registered blog at the moment there are many details we need to pay attention to. The moment the first registered blog, the blog name should be an attractive or easy to remember a blog. And should choose a better blog template in after the completion of registration. A simple blog URL settings (domain name and characteristics) can improve the blog information and tend to be true. Every detail of my own blog and we both need to improve. Such a perfect blog is registered successfully, blog posts on your blog have affection.

first, the first choice of high-quality blog is very important, the weights of different blogs are different, and different blog collection speed is not the same as. Don’t choose a small portal, the weight is very low in this blog, I recommend to you some high weight blog, like Shanghai, the NetEase Sohu blog, Sina blog, blog, blog, blog bus, Alibaba blog, blog, watercress blog these blogs are very good blog platform.


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