Love of Shanghai green Shanghai dragon algorithm and its coping methods

why buy gold chain website but not by this algorithm effect and drop right? According to a gold chain service introduction: "now is anyone’s guess, if you can change the love Shanghai link algorithm has changed, and not always issued a statement, the statement also said there are a lot of people buy links. As long as the delivery plan are never mind." You have what view on the

is the author of the preliminary analysis and the way to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm.

5, if the business can not wait too long, you can consider replacing the domain name.


2, in exchange for the Links, try to ask the website not to withdraw links (the need to look at your charm and the website itself). In view of exchange Links has no bad neighbors, for bad neighbors to be processed.

according to my analysis, the gold chain is present in the high weight of the news source sites, and these sites to update the site more, and the original content is rich. I love Shanghai will not be a big drop right on this website. And the purchase of the gold chain website, is also a normal update, so little effect. So if you have had to buy links to the web site should be how to deal with? I think that can be considered from the following aspects:

1, for the purchase of the link to treat two cases, for the purchase of low weight, but not related to the website of the industry, need as soon as possible removed these links. As for the purchase of the weight is relatively high, and related industries, can on its website to add other websites for Links. This can let the spider think is Links exchange, rather than buy links.

algorithm Scindapsus aureus love Shanghai released in February 19th, and now has a few days, according to friends in micro-blog and QQ group to reflect, these days many websites suffered right down even by K. Although the right to be reduced even by K’s site is mostly had a link of the suspects, but there may be manslaughter. According to the announcement of Shanghai love Scindapsus algorithm, updating algorithm is mainly on the sale and purchase of links and links to the sale of intermediary website. But according to my observation, the part of the site to buy gold chain was not affected by any in this algorithm. You can see the following screenshot:

4, looking for high weight news source website issued a press release, and in the press release site with anchor text links or urls. (by the high quality of the chain attract spider, improve website trust)

3, normal to update the original article. Only through the original content to attract spider faster.


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