A5 to cancel the signature of the chain has some sense of forum signature proposal

A5 look at the forum the recommendation of the board, there are several write "A5 removed the signature" topic of the post, we look into the points, there are few articles have not been classified "original", it is recommended to the home page to, are removed well said look at the contents of the signature. These people are in first aid to A5, calm angry mood, give you comfort mood.

Objective: A

flow loss or reduced income or. This is a matter of. < >

is not my black A5, but now I feel part of the user is holding the idea, they come to A5 to stay outside the chain, this is an indisputable fact. I have the data speak, a post I was pushing the front page and edit the essence of title is enough to attract people, this post will generally have more than 3000 of the amount of view, but that day I posted only 2000 less than the amount of view, the post is to remove the signature issued by day, there are a lot of people are not know not to leave the signature of the chain, so there are a lot of people to reply to a "top", in fact, seriously at the post and how many people

A5’s status as the eldest brother graph king said "today’s A5 forum, I visit the thousands of users, more than 80% is listening to a friend said in the hair of the chain and there are 10% illegal things come to." Plus A5 was forced to temporarily shut down the signature plate directly, resulting in a lot of traffic loss. Don’t understand? Is literally "A5 not the chain what is left? Since cannot leave the chain, then why did I have to A5

statement is the first to say that removed the signature of friends, I agree with the idea, the opinion also is all right, before I actually wrote an article called don’t do a lot of signature link posts "burst! You signature universe!", in the group a friend told me jokingly said: "it is not A5 to see my post on the signature improvement" (I think should not, should the management people do not look at my post). In the post for me. I summed up the "three sins" signature links, but today I still want to sign (not signature links) defended the

you panic?



do not panic!

actually I want to write this topic on the day A5 removed the signature, but concerns about the account in question (I do not know will not be harmonious) did not express my thoughts. I read a lot of friends wrote about "A5 removed the signature" topic posts, read those posts I feel or have talk about their own ideas, write this post is not to attack A5, just a simple proposal, so if you think that I am a little speculation, it is really wrong me. I am in A5 more than 2 months, from the A5 to know a lot of friends, also accumulated a lot of experience, so the first to thank A5 for this platform.

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