The difference of the webmaster three commonly used long tail keywords mining tools

three, Google Adsense tube >

two, love station query tool


, a webmaster query tool

love stand tool was born 09 years, through more than two years of development is now amounted to millions of users, and the use of momentum beyond the trend of tool webmaster query, including mining long tail keywords, use love than a good webmaster query tool to station query tool, for some traffic is less than 50 the word still does not show the standard flow, but it is less than 50 by flow to display, such as the Taobao keywords to search for the women and the long tail keywords, such as map;

so the mining speed than the love of Shanghai index and related search, drop-down box to dig much faster, but the precision is relatively strong. So, the first mining long tail keywords is the webmaster tools query tool, the tool has a disadvantage that is less than 50 words can not be displayed, can only be used for mining on shallow.

keyword mining method commonly used may be simply through the love of Shanghai index, search the drop-down box, and search. In fact, now if the webmaster is just simple rely on these three methods to mine the key words, the key to the optimization of mining is relatively difficult, the competition is very fierce, after all, with the three to determine the site keywords owners too much, many people use natural competition is big. As for mining long tail keywords, if only through these three methods is obviously the most difficult to dig out the precise long tail keywords strong, after all, the drop-down box shows the limited number of relevant search is also a limit to the number of. So we should use what kind of tools to dig deep? Today I talk about how to use the tools to dig the long tail keywords.


, in which several flow less than 50 of the standard keyword flow value is just < 50; instead, the first mining tool is not such a situation. So, using love station tool for mining long tail keywords can be more accurate in finding some long tail keywords flow is relatively low, and these long tail keywords of the flow is not big, but the conversion rate of some words is quite high.


As shown in figure

webmaster query tool, the owners of the house with the query tool believe most Adsense all know it, and the type of query is associated with the site, so webmaster for mining long tail keywords, which is used in mining webmaster keyword query tool, the query results with the love of Shanghai index of relevant search results almost, but eliminates the need for each query to the natural flow of the bored lock. I want to dig the long tail keywords such as Taobao, then through the analysis of love Shanghai index webmaster tools in (in fact, is the key to mining) search, as shown in figure

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