There will be a search engine in the world there will be Shanghai dragon

The evolving

search engine algorithm indeed revolves two objective: 1. is the search engine ranking algorithm for continuous improvement and evolution of ranking algorithm system, in order to adapt to the development pattern of the new period of Internet environment, Internet marketing, Internet users continue to meet the new period high body experience; 2. is to pursue its own search engine to maximize the interests of.

for the first points we can deeply feel their own search engine ranking algorithm to improve the development of Shanghai dragon industry.

in the past year in Shanghai dragon industry for a long time, many Shanghai dragon Er are complaining about the website optimization more and more difficult to do, a lot of friends maintain rankings decline seriously, so the market appeared some pessimism, Shanghai dragon really exists, Shanghai dragon useless, Shanghai dragon has been completely dead etc.. But I was in the opposite view. The Bai strong network marketing has always been that Shanghai dragon will always exist, and will always exist, why use "The Legendary Swordsman" in a classic lines, with the local people there will be rivers and lakes". The search engine will be the mechanism of the existence of the Internet information retrieval ranking, a ranking mechanism will have ranking algorithm, it is the algorithm will have the existence of Shanghai dragon.

last 2013 is a sharp change in the search engine market, especially the fierce competition of domestic Chinese search field of several major search giant. For a long time, love Shanghai as the industry leader, in the search market share market dominance. However, with the Qihoo 360 and hot pursuit Sogou and soso strategic merger, further weakening the love Shanghai market share, Chinese search engine market has gradually formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. In the face of market share has been eroded, urged the market big boss status, love Shanghai in the ranking algorithm continue to make bold reform, to enhance the user search experience, which triggered a series of initiatives to update the love Shanghai ranking algorithm. In Shanghai the dragon has also made no small agitation and unrest.

we review what is "search engine ranking", when the user input in the search engine keywords, find out from the index database contains all the search terms "," station data containing the keyword will have millions of millions of search engines, according to a variety of factors and mechanisms of reference for the retrieval of information sorting, ranking algorithm to figure out what "should be in front of or behind, then according to a certain format to return to the" search "page. The so-called factors and the algorithm is the search engine for data sorting core mechanism. As long as the mechanism exists, ranking information will have to follow the law of existence, is the soul of Shanghai dragon embodiment, if a search engine ranking mechanism is very arbitrary and mixed on the unbearable, then the user retrieved information will be dubious, even the west a stick hammer, eventually causing no users to use the search engine query, search engine finally abandoned by the user is inevitable, so we also is not difficult to conclude that the search engine there will be Shanghai dragon causal theory.

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