Master the common methods to improve web site weight over

2, update the content: search engines love new things, users also love fresh things, timely updates will attract search engine and user to visit the website of website content, website weight also increases in the course of time. The general update is used to upload the news. Many webmaster only to change website content and take a large number of acquisition or false original article. This approach will allow users to see and search engines with similar content, but also have certain effect. Advice, more readable articles, best original article, combined with the current news, social issues and so on. Novel and readable.

5, follow the natural ranking rule: a lot of people in order to be able to immediately go out publicity website, using many methods of heresy launch site. Although a time effect is very good, the ranking is also very good, but the search engine recognition mechanism more and more sophisticated, this method of opportunistic use only temporarily, if >

4, soft Wen wrote: soft writing is an important method to improve the weights of the website. Like your website article many articles, although your article is original, but also better to write a few soft display novel. When the user is immersed in the soft content gradually accept your website, this is also an important method of weighted return rate, improve.

1, website optimization: This is a key step to improve the website weight. Not only to do search engine, should meet the user experience. The methods used include: title, description, keywords optimization optimization optimization three. The search engine is the love of the new station, as long as the optimization in place, it will naturally improve weight.

website update must have persistence, a lot of time because the search engine has led to changes in the results of their efforts back, if you want to be a qualified, senior webmaster, you can not because of the changing of search engine and lose confidence to do. This should be more solid maintenance and update of the website.

website weight is a key factor for a site assessment. As a webmaster, do not want their own website weight can quickly upgrade. Of course, the website optimization is not only slowly will act with undue haste, formal optimization of the whole site, only a step by step will increase the weight. At present, the methods to improve the weights of the website, see in the Shanghai dragon BBS, but decided to apply my experience and share with you, my little reference:


3, Links can not be ignored: improve website weight by a large part of the Links, and the site is down right may also be because of a problem Links. So the website optimization every day to check their Links. Also, Links is not optional, high weight links on your site weight increase is very helpful, too much or bad links may lead to site is down right.

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