The annual fish fish in the Shanghai dragon reading theory

1. fish stall position is better, put fish will be eye-catching! In fact this is about our keywords in the layout, the layout of the page title description has been reasonable to striking, proper keyword density increase.


Shu Hong to express here is that we do and sell fish are not the same thing. At least for now is not the same. If there is such a day, our website on the road and the road of the same fish stall, that is the personal website of the end and a cup.

2. the price of fish to be affordable, quality is fish! This is about our articles issued to high quality, best original article, the search engine of love.

in a market to occupy a good position, then need to pay the price. Two basic ways: A, spend the money more than others to take that position. B, take refuge in a local gray boss or hook chain with local gangs, through the market operation of rivals. In addition, the basic do nothing. Can you say your site keywords layout is such a kind of logic? Because the site is open your own, you can have sufficient permissions to fully design, at the mercy of any content mobilize the space inside, as long as you have this ability. May engage in a complete mess, but it is your own thing. However, the fish market is not your investment, have the ability to let others to sell fish people do not sell fish in there. Just want to explain, it is two different things.

estimates that you don’t have a lot of experience and experience to buy fish, you just saw buy home fish in most of the time, plus the accumulation of your own popular people news stories, let you have such a perceptual knowledge. The basic actual exposure to the Shu Hong is such that the price of fish in this market are similar, small differences, there is not even 30 Fen because this market prices of fish, oh, add, almost all the same kinds of the commodity prices are the same, because the invisible hand in the price control behind these goods, do not allow the price hit each other phenomenon in this market. Once this situation occurred, the eldest brother would have no one to listen to. If a stall because want to increase their sales of the booth, unilaterally launched a price war, so long as he out of the door of the market, people will naturally look for him to "tea". Quality of fish, I can clearly tell you that are in a day after 12 in the morning in a fixed wholesale market to purchase, origin, >

morning stroll around A5, saw a fish and Shanghai dragon article, "" annual fish "fish Shanghai dragon" theory of the article is not long, a very new idea, perspective is clever, very good moral. In a word, is to express a rational understanding and good wishes. However, I do not see the total to feel like some local flavor. Now I talk about some of my views, because is the impression and hair, biases, hope to peer criticism.

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