Some experience of website will not be revised down the right search engine

Whether or

four: the home page is the essence of

two: site title name card

website does not always make the webmaster headache topic, due to urgent need to develop some new functions leads to the site facing a comprehensive revision of the state, but worry will be down the right search engine has not revised, Yuan Xielai today to share with you how to change the version of the site will be down the right search engine.


, a website operation and the main direction of website structure

C. revised website title, the 10% – 30% should not try not to delete the disposal.

whether the web structure website structure flat or rectangular, will undoubtedly play the best to establish guidance and guidance for users to grab. Modification of site navigation, the author thought the experience, do site navigation correction, both in the investigation site still higher weight site, but need to pay attention to, the use of web navigation styles, under normal circumstances can not use FALSH or JS, using DIV and CSS structure, site navigation in the amendment should not draw the text the title and the title of the channel, the URL address to exactly the same; if the website two contents and navigation conditions favorable to the progress, only the site without barrier type (two level contents using FLASH or JS) amendment, basically will not affect the website collect and snapshot of time.

B. to add or cut the fixed site topic, try to add a priority topic content, but adhere to the fundamental consistency problem of word order, add content control in the original content of 10%


three: site navigation is the structure of the website


A. to add or modify the topic content, try to stick in the original content of 20%

is equivalent to the clerk

loyal users to find the index classification has been established, this is the site to carry out the foundation, if this will constantly change, so the site’s credibility and the index category was 100% K chance all gone. But the author of this website is not stressed that the structure does not change, website structure follow site business requirements will change, but cannot change in make only superficial changes may be one hundred and eight thousand site location, if really need to do this revision, first suggested definition of good website URL address, make my URL address standardization, the best treatment method is the use of static page generation, save the original contents and page content, new content with different contents of inheritance.

is stored in a mobile phone or SIM card users in the title, when other revisions, we must from the new view and a correction. I think that love Shanghai and Google is the same, the website title is Shanghai dragon mission 10% effect. If the owners demand for website title was modified, a method for disposal suggestions:

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