Shanghai dragon barge extinction Theory because our slow pace

: first let the enterprise re recognize the correct recognition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon

in this industry, often met with some friends: Shanghai Longfeng pessimistic theory article, the author has also written several articles about the prospect of Shanghai dragon. Plus two years love Shanghai optimization more difficult, I think there may be a part of our friends have abandoned this industry, the author just read an article by Lu Songsong: in 2014 there will be a large number of unemployed people because of Shanghai dragon. First, certainly there is a certain reason Lu Songsong said, like WeChat, micro-blog and other marketing marketing marketing mode on the counter attack, Shanghai dragon industry impact is very big, moreover is the customer attitude to Shanghai dragon gradually change. However, despite the Shanghai dragon truth becomes more difficult to walk, will not let Shanghai dragon quickly perish, at least love Shanghai and Google, 360 search also followed. User search habits will always exist, whether you are using PC, or intelligent mobile phone, or other equipment.

At present,

second: the site around the love Shanghai, around the late.

, leading to the demise of the biggest hidden danger of Shanghai dragon industry is the occupation level, the industry practitioners from the post, must be a gradual transition to the flow, not only that, you also need to take into account the transformation of website traffic rate. Of course, this level most of Shanghai Longfeng workers are not, to love the optimization of Shanghai as an example, from the past mechanical operation gradually transformed into mental labor. For example, spend more time to do outside the chain of good quality, and even use their own connections, if it is difficult to make the chain work don’t bother. In the content construction also requires employees to become a professional writer, rather than just under pseudo original is released to the website. So many optimization company’s investment will increase the cost of the industry, in other words the practitioner level is more demanding, as for the user experience for small and medium-sized enterprise stand for, perhaps just a slogan, it is almost impossible to do. Because the website user experience involves many aspects of knowledge.

is easy to say, hard to do, with the Shanghai dragon customer service gradually lost, many customers are actually wrong understanding of the Shanghai dragon, how can let the customer re cognition of Shanghai Longfeng? That clear customers to do Shanghai dragon first, what is the pursuit of corporate exposure, or the pursuit of true flow conversion. Obviously the latter probably will be disappointed, because even a few main keywords appear in the love of Shanghai top three, or the site is not much traffic, or site traffic did not order. A rough design and content is not true no matter how good ranking enterprise station, also can’t let users trust, more don’t talk about what order, enterprise stand itself too many problems, these basic things do not, how can the marketing effect? Shanghai dragon the secret of success is the first step in the choice of words, choose keywords wrong, the work is in vain. The next few years, the Shanghai dragon service, we should put the focus in the choice of words.

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