Accumulation and analysis from your website with valuable content optimization

second, to identify their strengths and weaknesses. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of our audience to be aware of their service or product potential in what place, we know that no one is perfect, a perfect enterprise can not do everything perfect, must have their own strengths and weaknesses, so, in the process of service users in particular in the presentation of the website we should learn from each other, their purpose to show the content through the site layout and site structure adjustment, because customers are sometimes blind, we need to do what the customer actually is very important, is to guide, guide the method lies in the construction and layout of the site structure and text content.

fourth, clear user needs unraveling website localization of core users. Website optimization is a very important problem is as a webmaster we must understand our website users which include website user location, user’s age, gender, information behavior and so on, before planning must clear their website content, website user > what

first, your audience carefully analyze. The first problem needed to be solved is the website of your audience, as a webmaster we analyze the site audience mainly from the following aspects. Firstly, the audience age, gender of the audience, the audience want to know our products or services through what channels, what is the audience generally infested places, such as the line. Most of these users or online, understand the basic data, analysis to following the gradual deepening of.

website optimization, the importance of content optimization have been far greater than the site outside the chain optimization, and it is in the process of content optimization in many Shanghai dragon Er suffered a very troublesome problem, is the site of content sources, especially the Internet audience for the higher content of quality requirements and to do site optimization webmasters attentively write text carefully, and in order to optimize " heart " the content is really love the user? Actually, the user’s attention content appears mainly from their own intentions in the accumulation and analysis, mainly including the following aspects.

third, the content does not need to be practical gorgeous. The author found that before we both in writing their own station or some kind of soft article promotion, such as the Shanghai dragon ten optimization methods, the optimization and upgrading of Shanghai dragon ranking the trick, the title of the party in the modern Shanghai Longfeng optimization Internet system and the current mature in the serious gap between the current us title to attract people but must not be exaggerated affectation, and title related website articles must be practical, to the user to pay attention to and solve the problems of user based, such as product features, use methods of products, product maintenance, these are all very concerned about the details of the optimization of articles concerned, according to the enterprise station, we optimize the station industry there is a difference between the way then, focus on these different difference is the webmaster concern we have in these aspects .

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