Analysis of optimal setting 404 page giant website details



analysis of the optimal MAC site – details page settings

to see, the 404 page of domestic portal website is how to make a big coffee here, Shaoxia also collected 404 pages of some famous sites. Please see

? !

three, the 404 big coffee website page – learning.

if we don’t, we must learn to act (copy).

1, Tencent -404 page

4, reduce the error, a blank page, improve website trust.


, what is the 404 page

Tencent is an imitation of the similar home page, no matter in the bottom or click "return to automatically return to the Tencent can play back to the home page" designed for 404 – >

; 404

3, enhance the site friendly experience, users love



1, avoid the spider into a dead end, efficient use of spider resources;

recently at the time of diagnosis to Shaoxia do many websites, found a problem, the site are very delicate, but the 404 page is no ground for blame, have not been seriously. But no matter from the user point of view or spider’s perspective, this is a very bad experience, reducing light traffic, heavy weight affected. For sites, this is sick! Get treatment, so today, with Qingyuan Shaoxia Shanghai dragon to learn how the 404 page is the best choice.

two, 404 page

2, avoid the user directly out of the website, effectively reduce the rate of jump out to restore the user,

when a user accesses a page does not exist, the server should return a 404 status code (the status code query, can query here: home owners -http barcode query)

what role? ;

if the owners do not have the custom 404 page will automatically return the following words, such as the following pages, this is the default. Of course, it must rule out some open source program is done for you 404 pages, but the 404 page you have a check? To the user friendly? The search engine friendly? Is able to play a guiding role? Not sure, we continue to.

user or spider, according to the 404 page guide to access or terminate access. Pictured above it, it must belong to terminate the access situation, then there is a continued access, how to do this 404 page guide of good

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