Do four details let you stand inside the article reach the second level

the number of words in the article is also a very important evaluation factors, an article if words too, is unable to accurately show the meaning of this article; but too many words will let users lose patience, love will make Shanghai more difficult. Therefore, one of the details of the words is our control to do so, and how should we judge whether the right word


when I was in school, I believe the Chinese teacher will teach us, to give the typesetting neat a good first impression. So is the website editor. An article regardless of your original degree is high, write more beautiful and beautiful, if the layout below is not ugly, see,

details: the theme should conform to the type of site


here I summarize the types and the number of words: > depends on the website

this article even write well, high quality, can not get the favor of love Shanghai, not to mention the love Shanghai seconds, should go to look for on the construction site of the article, such as website construction techniques, and so on can be reached with the theme for the type of website,

this article layout is very ugly, not the indent indent, with no punctuation standardization, which has not been included in this article. Therefore, we still have to pay attention to the details of the optimization ranking, including punctuation, paragraph division, the unity of the gap between the text and so on, do these details, you will find the same article can appear different included effect.

love Shanghai will have its specific evaluation criteria on the station in, I also from the optimization study and some veteran, what kind of the article is to love Shanghai. Through practice and verification, the author also summarizes a set of rules, to reach the second is to do four details, that is what the details of four

details: three words to be controlled in a proper range of

site article is not at random, if you want to love Shanghai fast included your article, you must request the theme fits your website theme. For example, your website is the website construction, but you stand inside the article is mostly about the electronic commerce industry, it is not in conformity with the type of site:

details: two neat layout

believe that every webmaster wish their website is love Shanghai included better, faster, and even hope to achieve the "second" state. But really can do is "second" the website is not much, most of the sites are included in the slow, included less embarrassing situation, many owners are very distressed, every heart, regular updates included in the station, why still suck

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