How to deal with the love of Shanghai earthquake in June 28th

the garbage outside the chain, for the chain of garbage is mainly caused by the K movie website and web site medical class, the new garbage connection is mainly among some of the forum when connecting and sending up.

response strategy.



is the love of Shanghai was in June 22nd and the June 28th K earthquake events love Shanghai, love Shanghai punishment site nothing more than three sites, a chain of garbage (including mass) of the site, a site is the content quality is too low, the last one is the content in violation of love Shanghai official "love Shanghai will improve the quality of news station show, processing low quality news station" a requirement of the site, so we webmaster as long as the content and the chain from the start to restore > right down

3. is the title and content



added two reasons:

the cause of the incident.I remember in front of

2. news when the total

in the last June 22nd with sea K events of the webmaster pain also cured, but also ushered in the 28 day of the love of Shanghai earthquake, this is K than the last June 22nd K was more tragic, most of the QQ group and forum none not chaos, the QQ group of course no exception to discuss this June 28th love the Shanghai earthquake, the author also rush began to investigate the 28 day love Shanghai earthquake, after the analysis of the QQ group and forum version of the friends of the site to provide, finally find out the reasons of occurrence and decisive plan, the specific contents are as follows:

One reason: with keywords


has violated the love Shanghai official put it "the love of Shanghai will improve the quality of news station show, low quality news station" 1 the provisions caused by K, K and enterprise portal website is the news station and medical website mainly, the violation of the specific content within the following screenshot:

just wrote a "June 22nd love Shanghai K station" post event analysis, this article analyzes the 22 reasons of love Shanghai K station, in the just released June 22nd love Shanghai K Bowen but was ushered in the 28 day love Shanghai earthquake, due to the affected site more than 22 more widely, the number of K was more than 22, so the author of the 28 day of the K station is the event analysis, to supplement the K station of the reason why the original K station, add the following:

1. does not match the content and column



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