Love Shanghai optimization how to avoid the 11 phenomenon

is often the joy after sorrow, less than three months, one day suddenly found its own web site registered resume, think for a long time can not find a reason, a subordinate said in a fall in love with the sea and we could not find any ranking in wonder! Yesterday in the second not well? Don’t fall in love with the sea? Is a problem? Never mind, then I will come back tomorrow, day in and day out site has been in that position is very awful: first… Page second. When all the patience exhausted feeling when you fall in love with the sea also won’t be a problem so long before a friend told me that the site is 11! So I began to see the "love Shanghai 11" phenomenon. So it is a learning, a discussion, a study, and the A5 from the bottom and turn to face from the side in the end, the last a sigh: over the self effacing.


himself before entering the Internet website, the network is also said to be utterly ignorant of, is not a little understanding of the industry. Until one day two years ago, I open a logistics company comrades asked if I could help find two truck drivers in the wine on the table? I say what you want, what treatment? I go home to help you on the Internet is made, he said. Comrades entrusted to him, of course, to be the first priority for, dare not a little delay. But the opening number of Yangzhou talent website in Shanghai after the chagrin of found almost all sites are released not recruitment information, ask a phone call in the past, that is to be released after payment.

is a long way to go, we accept the proposal, in accordance with the method of A5 to do: re purchase the domain.

station, I made into preparations, spent more than 20000 of the funds acquired Yangzhou talent network perfect domain name www.yzjob贵族宝贝, hired independent server, bought genuine program, please four people: a programmer, three customer service. In the crazy see several A5 days post, know that the "chain" and "chain" and "Shanghai dragon" and other words, it also became a big brother, led the staff is head in.

The initial

is not a job, and settled down to meditation, think that the Internet will become the mainstream recruitment represent the general trend, think the Internet is a development space, worth fighting industry, think you can also set up a Yangzhou local recruitment website. I want that time is very simple, as long as effort will be rewarded, but today, after two years, looking back is full of failure, only to find that he might have been 11 in the highest cost of "player" one.

from the very first day, we have a large copy article (improve included page), position information acquisition (look fuller), extensive exchange of the chain (not all said the chain for the emperor?), rely on the good domain name and company operation, many of my friends are also very face. Exchange and my site Links, a time ranking rose to the top three, unlimited scenery, waving to us like a bright future seems to be in front of us.

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