Reasonable analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization ten errors 2

site that you are ready to go, the new website, the Internet is fair, love or love fresh content in Shanghai. For new sites, you have no history, then you start is the site of the history. In order to love Shanghai on your favorite website, but also to the webmaster to.

When using the

sixth errors: website

yesterday we talked about the reasonable analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization ten errors (Part I), a lot of friends already have to understand, do not understand the love of Shanghai can search the can, after a long time of each big website has been reproduced in the streets are full.

has a love index in sea site analysis, click on it, can give us a look:


I ask the webmaster friends, how do you check website included? Is site or the Internet Webmaster Tools query included? In fact, whether it is site or webmaster tools shows the site included the number is not accurate, is only an approximate and reference value. So, how do we see the real website included Shanghai dragon to optimize analysis to accurate





The query

webmaster love Shanghai index query, change can choose 7 days a week, you can also take a month, according to the index, changes of index of the amount of data and floating can determine the site of recent operation. Website construction is not only a level thing, learn to analyze data is also very important. It can be seen from the figure, the index change site not stable.

seventh errors: the line on the website before

is the first to give the site location, we talked about in a misunderstanding, no longer. Before your website, your website layout framework is a combination of the advantages of their own or apply the template? Your keyword information, content of filling, is at the front of the line ready or on the line and then slowly fill and website optimization? These problems, many owners did not pay attention to. Why do I mention this? We also said that the title of the text, reasoned analysis, I’ll give you a love Shanghai official information: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/9 do you see a text:


here, in the website optimization process, we recommend the use of the sea quantity index fell in love with love Shanghai webmaster tools inside. This problem will have to pay attention to, use love Shanghai webmaster tools to verify your site, the new site needs attention, how can love Shanghai specific verification operation.

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