find the master on Dragon School in Shanghai

3, you can help each other

two, those who do master

1, and whether you need to find the people familiar with

This type of The

is actually a lot of people still willing to teach, the premise is that you must be polite, is carefully prepared, but that is the executive power of the people, a lot of friends and I said, did not know who to ask me questions, no more urgent answer, but also directly have even jitter the curse; it also caused a lot of people are now willing to not willing to ignore those people who ask questions, answer good fortunately, not also scold answer; but generally people or not, I met are generally more polite; I will give what people answer, a one is in the group I created and active, often communicate with people; one is the more polite and ask questions very carefully, not the kind of love can Shanghai have answers; another is often talk to me. I don’t want to answer is not known, will give you a website, you give me to analyze, what to do; indeed, I suspect some is in cheat click, analysis a >

2, whether they have the execution of

, a school teacher in Shanghai Longfeng people looking for

may be due to write some articles, get some friend’s identity, so there are a lot of people ask me to learn Shanghai dragon, and even a lot that can teach the tuition, I rejected; one is that I don’t have so much time to teach, a lot of people have no execution; to me for those who wants to say is, you have good execution, you can find me, what good execution, you stick to one month post again, why I asked it, because a lot of people in Shanghai Longfeng think too simple, very easy to think, really fundamentals of easy, but want to do well, no certain execution is equal to talk, following Xu Guoxiang talk about specific for those who want to find a school teacher in Shanghai Longfeng Views:

community is a reality, no one will teach you perhaps because without any cause or reason, polite reason began to answer you, not through the exchange to become friends, no one will always answer your question, who will only know dislike people who ask questions, especially their own do not know, do not pay through. No executive do not go, you find the teacher is good, but also in vain; why should emphasize to be able to help each other, I don’t mean that money, make money that is training, on the other, means you can help each other to collect data or send the chain, can help in their own way to each other.

is usually just entering the industry novice or some have talked about the basic knowledge but do not practice their friends; why are you looking for a master, in fact is to free, two is to have problems to have someone to answer, three is to exchange the diagnosis under their own website. In fact, before you find the master, I think you need to do some preparatory work:

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