According to the observation of the B2B platform to enhance the weight of long tail keywords can mak

and there are some long tail demand is necessarily a page to resolve, I think there will be a number of real user needs as the starting point of the small and beautiful sites, such sites as well as the search engine to obtain good rankings and flow. The love of Shanghai put a lot of B2B is placed before, so we went to get good rankings can we make use of the B2B platform. We can test the weight which B2B ranked high, we have what platform to publish their own information, we can even do not care about the station traffic itself, if you use a good draw from the search engine traffic is bigger than you get it in the station

Two days to Shanghai dragon industry friends to communicate before

I often see some business mentor said, when we don’t start to love Shanghai, Ali, Tencent competition. We can only depend on it, use it, at this stage, we can only use these platforms to get good rankings for our products. In fact, we can follow the traffic flow where we go, in which, it can’t be wrong. The rise of micro-blog, we go to the micro-blog WeChat strong drainage, we use WeChat drainage. Now in love with Hai Qing Lai platform, we focus on the platform, we can be found at the time of the research, which website weight high ranking, our products will appear in what platform.

, they also have the same feeling, according to their analysis, the love of Shanghai by the 360 competition. In order to increase revenue flow down, forcing companies to do the bidding station, the station adjusted weight enterprises is very low. The B2B industry station weight adjusted high, in many products, B2B rankings are very front. This ranking enterprise station is not very optimistic, they said several new sites included is slow, a long time not included rankings. Want to live by love Shanghai really is becoming more and more difficult, in fact, I don’t think so, as long as the love of Shanghai not to put all the traffic over to their own website or partner sites that day, we will have a chance.

do not know how many friends feel the love in Shanghai this year, because I just ask a few friends, combined with their own situation to make inferences. May the sample data is too small, not worth.

had long tail keywords enterprise stand ranking is not very easy, the website weight itself requires very high, in addition to a long time. Recently, Shanghai dragon circles to study less, Ali Wangpu, Ali Wangpu Shanghai and ultimately the dragon. Also need to love Shanghai included and bring traffic, I found that I love Shanghai included Wang Pu is good. But one reason is not to bring traffic, have included the page the title in the search box to search all my products. But I found another point in the search for a product type keywords, actually some results are 10 Alibaba results, but it is not the product, but a result of polymerization, such as the channel, the search results like this page.


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