Let love Shanghai second site to the latest release of the content is actually so simple

2, the value of the original content, we all know that spider love fresh content, original content is all in the mouth, is also given for such a high score and spider content submitted to the search engine to get better ranking relative to other sites, and included. However, for other sites we collected content, sometimes the spider will also be included, but long down one day in the future you will discover that you have included a day in the tick reduction, then you should understand the reason is the content of the collection, so called on everyone to do more of the original content, it can not only better attract spiders, and to love Shanghai second is a good content is very good.

(a) to create a suitable love Shanghai second site environment.

share experience in the author, first I need to explain to you about love, Shanghai is under what conditions just released on the website of the content of the second, is a railway station with the author. I believe we all know the search engine ranking source weight of the site itself, and the higher the weight of the site’s content will be released more quickly, such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent and so on station. But for the high weight of the site, the spider will often 24 hours waiting for. The relatively slow included site, no matter from the search engine’s attention and self weight, are relatively low, so we want to reach the second site effect, need to have what conditions? Then I will give you up:

The internal structure of the

site 1, reasonable, first of all we want to let the spider often visit our site, so be sure to do is to love the spider to our site, we all know spiders with respect to the dynamic page much friendlier to static pages, so we use static page as possible at the time do stand, if it does not work with pseudo static pages, this is very good for spiders to crawl content for web content, second income and weight are also a certain impact.

3, create a chain network website, we all know that website optimization is divided into two kinds, one is the station, is a station. Then I say now is the station optimization, when the release of content as much as possible to make Sitelinks, but not to accumulate. In >

do stand in the way, many webmaster face their website will encounter many, but these are often just around the search engine is concerned, whether weight lifting, weight decrease, are included to see from the. Even his site search engines are not included, is really a very boring thing, now many webmaster can not but from, do not know what to do. Because the spider is not visit their site, snapshot stagnation and a little lower weight included, ranking began to fall. In the face of these problems the author also deep, today I to share with you how to make love to their Shanghai seconds website content.

Before the

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