Analysis an important role in the fine tuning period

after the user enters your product page and browse the end, if the related products recommended, perhaps users will continue to click, like many shopping malls intended to let users in the mall, which provided >

So what are the benefits of fine-tuning

1, fine tuning can improve website click rate and stable keywords ranking.

to understand the fine-tuning, we must first understand the search engine ranking mechanism. With the rapid development of the Internet, there are a lot of pages every day, so if a web page or a long time without any change, so this page will be included in the old database, thereby reducing the probability of being searched. Then we should be how to get rid of this curse? Fine tune can solve this problem well. We make the site by trimming, maintain a certain timeliness, and let the search engine update to the website, in order to reduce the risk of being right down. The ranking of a website again in a few years now, if not changed, with the search engine development and progress and renewal of the algorithm, the final ranking is not for a long time.

we all want their own website conversion rate is higher and higher, sometimes by fine-tuning may be able to solve the problem. For example, some of our common mall site, plus the product page comments, the conversion rate will be improved. Some Taobao owner through the gifts to induce users to buy products after the comments, to the credibility of the product increased significantly. For example, in website bottom add related products recommended, as follows:

on our website optimization, we are by virtue of their own experience or related search and search the drop-down box to analyze the needs of users, when our website to get keywords ranking, there will be a natural user click, then we get the real user data, the user clicks on the user needs we can do the analysis, which links the content or click rate, what the click rate is low, we can make the appropriate adjustments, such as the Shanghai love heat map is a good tool for data analysis:


this is the 6 selling products on my website, we can click the user to adjust the 6 products of the sort, the more users to click on products on more easy for users to see the location of the user to their own website and see the products they want, is very helpful to improve click the rate of.

what is fine? Many webmaster is one-sided for fine-tuning the concept. You may think, fine-tuning is not update web site, such as update news or update products, so the search engine every time the crawl will display different content. We are referring to the fine-tuning, refers to the page does not change for a long time already exists, text, picture adjustment. But the fine-tuning is not revised, if related to the path or the entire page changes, does not belong to the scope of adjustment.

2, fine tuning can improve conversion rate.

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