10 high quality Links gold exchange standard


2. related industry station, it is best to find counterparts, such as you do the male health, the primary consideration is the male medical station, then choose other types of medical station, this correlation will be very strong, the effect of the chain can be maximized.

to search the title of the article, it is.

4., see the other station included the number and ratio of the number of some article is very much, but included poor, explain each other’s article by gathering or copying weights are high not to go. The article included a higher proportion of each station corresponding the quality is relatively high, otherwise the search engine will not be so loved. Even if you do not have what the chain, if the original is included in the search engine, the number is also very friendly, the quantity stability is also very strong.

8. see

as a webmaster, how to choose the high quality link is a compulsory course, high quality link refers to the PR value high: "update" the authority of the high frequency of "the high correlation". However, one of the ways to get high quality links, Links is the most stable, a form of the effect is good. The novice webmaster in exchange Links, how to identify whether the high quality of the Links, today I come to sum up.

6. ranking, the other station main keywords and long tail word ranking, the weight is higher, of course, to distinguish between the other word is a popular word or unpopular words, you can go to the specific love station query, the tool is relatively good.


PR, Shanghai’s sex is generally not PR, but all who love the high PR, you say? At least in the high PR before others love exchange, I usually do not consider the.

Links situation, open the other side of the station to see the friendship is not related to the station, if the station is friendship link each other all kinds of industries, it was suggested not to change, it should also consider the number of the other side of the Links, if more than 50 is best not to change, unless the other station is authority the portal, or can be considered as.

5. age, do a period of time the webmaster should know, the weight of old station is better than the new, different optimization, the best way is to look at each other to release the first date of this article, also can see the domain name registration time, time domain it is sometimes not very accurate.

is in the first 7. web page, you can site and domain the other side of the station, if the home is not the first, on behalf of a web site is down right, this recovery is relatively fast, as for the change to see how people think.

The other 3. Keywords

1. a new snapshot, this shows that spiders have often visit each other’s station, relative weight is good, of course, some station snapshot is slow, the weight is also very good, this only as a reference standard.

The quantity and quality of the

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